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Coefficient alpha and the internal structure of tests
AbstractA general formula (α) of which a special case is the Kuder-Richardson coefficient of equivalence is shown to be the mean of all split-half coefficients resulting from different splittings of
Construct validity in psychological tests.
The present interpretation of construct validity is not "official" and deals with some areas where the Committee would probably not be unanimous, but the present writers are solely responsible for this attempt to explain the concept and elaborate its implications.
Essentials of psychological testing
I.BASIC CONCEPTS. 1.Who Uses Tests? And for What Purposes? 2.Varieties of Tests and Test Interpretations. 3.Administering Tests. 4.Scores and Score Conversions. 5.How to Judge Tests: Validation.
My Current Thoughts on Coefficient Alpha and Successor Procedures
In 1997, noting that the 50th anniversary of the publication of “Coefficient Alpha and the Internal Structure of Tests” was fast approaching, Lee Cronbach planned what have become the notes published
The two disciplines of scientific psychology.
NO man can be acquainted with all of psychology today, as our convention program proves. The scene resembles that of a circus, but a circus grander and more bustling than any Barnum ever envisioned—a
Beyond the Two Disciplines of Scientific Psychology.
The historic separation of experimental psychology from the study of individual differences impeded psychological research, So I argued when last I had occasion to address the APA audience (Cronbach,