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Neuro‐inflammation induced in the hippocampus of ‘binge drinking’ rats may be mediated by elevated extracellular glutamate content
The neuropathological and immune changes induced in the brain by ‘binge drinking’ have been investigated in a rat model. Evidence of neuro‐inflammation was identified in the ‘binge drinking’ ratExpand
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Extracellular levels of brain aspartate, glutamate and GABA during an inhibitory avoidance response in the rat
The extracellular levels of aspartate, glutamate and GABA were measured by microdialysis, coupled with an HPLC method, in rat prefrontal cortex (mPFC) and ventral hippocampus (VH) before and duringExpand
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Iron and the immune system
Iron and immunity are closely linked: firstly by the fact that many of the genes/proteins involved in iron homoeostasis play a vital role in controlling iron fluxes such that bacteria are preventedExpand
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Complexities in the neurotoxic actions of 6-hydroxydopamine in relation to the cytoprotective properties of taurine
The neurotoxin 6-hydroxydopamine was shown to cause an imbalance between the direct and indirect pathways of the striato-nigral system as evidenced by a decreased release of gamma-aminobutyric acidExpand
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The detection of hydroxyl radicals in vivo.
Several indirect methods have been developed for the detection and quantification of highly reactive oxygen species (hROS), which may exist either as free hydroxyl radicals, bound "crypto" radicalsExpand
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Forms of the Sacred
  • L. Corte
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • American journal of psychoanalysis
  • 1 December 1997
This paper is an attempt to demonstrate an operative procedure of clinical psychoanalysis that I believe to be similar to archaic therapeutics, a "return to the past." By translating this procedureExpand
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Mechanistic aspects of the Fenton reaction under conditions approximated to the extracellular fluid.
The Fenton reaction was investigated, in a medium approximating to that of the extracellular fluid (ECF), by rapid-mixing stopped flow experiments and HPLC analysis using sodium terephthalateExpand
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Taurine and excitable tissues
Keynote presentation. Appreciations. Plenary presentations. Part 1: Basic aspects and peripheral actions of taurine. 1. Post-transcriptional regulation of cysteine dioxygenase in rat liver D.L.Expand
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