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Histophilus somni host–parasite relationships
  • L. Corbeil
  • Biology
    Animal Health Research Reviews
  • 1 December 2007
Pathogenetic synergy of bovine respiratory syncytial virus and H. somni in calves can be attributed, in part at least, to the higher IgE anti-MOMP antibody responses in dually infected calves.
Immunization of virgin cows with surface antigen TF1.17 of Tritrichomonas foetus
Results indicate that vaccination with this immunoaffinity-purified surface antigen of T. foetus enhances antibody responses as well as clearance of the parasite from the female reproductive tract.
Adherence of Tritrichomonas foetus to bovine vaginal epithelial cells
The ability of surface-reactive antibodies to prevent adherence and to agglutinate and immobilize T. foetus indicates that they may be protective, and this work has shown that Tritrichomonas foetus usually adhered first by the posterior flagellum and later by the body.
Induction of immunity against lethal Haemophilus influenzae type b infection by Escherichia coli core lipopolysaccharide.
It is demonstrated that immunity to core LPS confers protection against experimental murine HIB infection and provides the framework for a new approach to prevention of human disease from HIB.
Experimental Haemophilus somnus Pneumonia in Calves and Immunoperoxidase Localization of Bacteria
Pneumonia was produced in nine, conventionally reared calves by intrabronchial inoculation with Haemophilus somnus. Volumes of pneumonic lung were determined stereologically, following serial slicing
Immune and inflammatory responses to reproductive tract infection with Tritrichomonas foetus in immunized and control heifers.
Time of clearance was statistically correlated with severity of endometritis at 10 wk postinfection, when necropsies were done and this correlation with early clearance is important to protection against disease.
Demonstration of Tritrichomonas foetus in the External Genitalia and of Specific Antibodies in Preputial Secretions of Naturally Infected Bulls
Results confirm previous speculation concerning anatomical sites of infection and suggest that parasite antigen can be taken up and processed locally, resulting in deposition of specific IgG1, IgG2, IgA, and IgM antibodies in the preputial cavity.
Superficial antigens of Campylobacter (Vibrio) fetus: characterization of antiphagocytic component
A glycoprotein responsible for the antiphagocytic properties of Campylobacter fetus has been identified by comparing cells of a wild-type strain with those of a mutant lacking this substance. The
Experimental abortion and the systemic immune response to "Haemophilus somnus" in cattle
"Haemophilus somnus" has been identified in the etiology of bovine abortion on the basis of the isolation of the organism from aborted fetal and placental tissues. To investigate the role of