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Essential Oil of Eryngium L. Species from New South Wales (Australia)
Abstract The essential oils from aerial parts of five Eryngium species of New South Wales have been examined by GC and GC/MS. The oil of Eryngium expansum F. Muell was characterized by a high amountExpand
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Chemistry of the Australian Gymnosperms. Part IX. The Leaf Oils of the Australian Members of the Genus Callitris (Cupressaceae)
Abstract The leaf oils of the 18 species and four subspecies of the genus Callitris endemic to Australia have been investigated by a combination of GC and GC/MS. All taxa produced oils in poor toExpand
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Essential Oil Composition of two New Species of Phebalium (Rutaceae) from North-Eastern NSW, Australia **
The composition of the essential oil steam distilled with cohobation from the aerial parts of two new undescribed species of Phelabium, P. stellatum I. Telford & J.J. Bruhl ined. and P. sylvaticum I.Expand
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Differentiation between the two subspecies of Atherosperma moschatum Labill. (Atherospermataceae) from their leaf oils.
The leaf oils of both subspecies of Atherosperma moschatum have been investigated to determine if there were any chemical differences between the two subspecies. While both subspecies of A. moschatumExpand
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A taxonomic review of Homoranthus (Myrtaceae: Chamelaucieae)
Homoranthus A.Cunn. ex Schauer, an Australian endemic genus of shrubs in the Myrtaceae, is reviewed. A total of 31 species is recognised for the genus, including the following eight new species whichExpand
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Essential oil composition of the seasonal heterophyllous leaves of Eryngium vesiculosum from Australia
Eryngium vesiculosum Labill. is seasonally heterophyllous. The essential oils of its aerial parts gathered during summer and winter from New South Wales (Australia) have been examined by analyticalExpand
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Essential oil composition of Eryngium rosulatum P.W. Michael ined.: A new undescribed species from eastern Australia
The essential oil composition from the aerial parts of a new Eryngium species from Australia, Eryngium rosulatum P.W. Michael ined., has been analysed by GC and GC/MS. A total of 34 compounds haveExpand
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Essential oil composition of two variants of Prostanthera lasianthos Labill. from Australia
Abstract The essential oils from the leaves of two variants of Prostanthera lasianthos Labill. have been analysed by GC and GC/MS. The different samples studied showed two chemotypes, the rheophyticExpand
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Post-fire recovery of woody plants in the New England Tableland Bioregion
The resprouting response of plant species to fire is a key life history trait that has profound effects on post-fire population dynamics and community composition. This study documents the post-fireExpand
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Expert allocation of primary growth form to the New South Wales flora underpins the biodiversity assessment method
ABSTRACT Biodiversity values under the New South Wales (NSW) Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 are assessed in part according to the number and cover of native plant species within each of sixExpand
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