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Secure contactless smartcard ASIC with DPA protection
A secure contactless smartcard is presented. No batteries are required as device power is extracted from the RF field. With the exception of an inductive loop antenna, no external components areExpand
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Secure contactless smartcard ASIC with DPA protection
A 10% ASK smartcard ASIC achieves 3e-10 BER in the presence of digital noise. Expand
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A CMOS broadband tuner IC
A single-chip dual-conversion tuner in 0.35 /spl mu/m CMOS incorporates both a 50-860 MHz LNA and a digital CMOS synthesizer with a -173 dBc/Hz phase-noise floor. Expand
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Tracking power converter for supply modulation of RF power amplifiers
This paper describes a tracking power converter and the controller IC for its implementation. The tracking power converter is used for supply modulation of a linear RF power amplifier. SupplyExpand
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An arrangement for controlling the supply of an rf power amplifier in dependence on the envelope of the baseband input
A feedforward arrangement is described for controlling the power supply of an rf power amplifier 206 in dependence on the envelope of a baseband input signal I,Q which, after up-conversion 204, formsExpand
Transistor Leakage Components & Effect of Leakage on VCO performance
In the past 10 years, CMOS technology scaling has continued at the rate of every 1 frac12 to 2 years per node. As CMOS technology advanced in to nano technology regime, static power or standby powerExpand
Metal gate effects on a 32 nm metal gate resistor
CMOS technology scaling has allowed for unprecedented integration of analog and digital circuits onto a single chip. The integration of RF and analog circuits with digital logic has provided theExpand
A baseband envelope tracking power converter
An arrangement is described in which baseband signals are up-converted to rf and amplified for transmission and in which an envelope tracking power converter supplies power to the amplifier, the envelope controlling signal being derived from the base band signals. Expand