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A roadmap for graphene
Recent years have witnessed many breakthroughs in research on graphene (the first two-dimensional atomic crystal) as well as a significant advance in the mass production of this material. ThisExpand
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Information Acquisition and Welfare
We study information acquisition in a exible framework with strategic complementarity or substitutability in actions and a rich set of externalities that are responsible for possible wedges betweenExpand
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Strategic Location Choice Under Dynamic Oligopolistic Competition and Spillovers
This paper investigates firms׳ optimal location choices explicitly accounting for the role of inwards and outwards knowledge spillovers in a dynamic Cournot oligopoly with firms that areExpand
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Fiscal federalism and lobbying
Which government functions should be decentralized (resp. centralized) once lobbying behavior is taken into account? We find that the answer largely depends on how the interests of the regionalExpand
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The social value of public information with costly information acquisition
In a beauty contest framework, public authorities decide the accuracy of public information evaluating how it affects individual actions and private information acquisition. More precise publicExpand
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The efficiency view of corporate boards: theory and evidence
We build a model in which corporate governance allows for the adoption of an institution acting as a mechanism to control agency problems. Our model predicts that the incentive to adopt such anExpand
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Complementary Assets, Start-Ups and Incentives to Innovate
We examine to what extent market conditions facilitating start-up formation affect firms' R&D investment and profits. We consider a model in which R&D efforts of an incumbent firm generate partlyExpand
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Fiscal Federalism and Endogenous Lobbies' Formation
We study lobbying behavior by firms in a two-region economy, with either centralized or decentralized provision of profit-enhancing local public goods. Firms compete either in the market, lobbyingExpand
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High-Figure-of-Merit X-Cut Lithium Niobate MEMS Resonators Operating Around 50 MHz for Large Passive Voltage Amplification in Radio Frequency Applications
This article reports on the modeling, design, fabrication, and testing of high-performance X-cut lithium niobate (LN) laterally vibrating resonators (LVRs) operating around 50 MHz. The objective ofExpand
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Uncommon localization of basal cell carcinoma.
Auteur(s) : Elisabetta Teodolinda Maria Mapelli, Luca Colombo, Eleonora Crespi, Lorenzo Gualandri, Silvano Menni Dermatologic Department, University of the Study of Milan, San Paolo Hospital ViaExpand
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