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The genotoxicity of ambient outdoor air, a review: Salmonella mutagenicity.
Mutagens in urban air pollution come from anthropogenic sources (especially combustion sources) and are products of airborne chemical reactions. Bacterial mutation tests have been used for large,Expand
Mutagens in contaminated soil: a review.
The intentional and accidental discharges of toxic pollutants into the lithosphere results in soil contamination. In some cases (e.g., wood preserving wastes, coal-tar, airborne combustionExpand
Scientific authorship. Part 2. History, recurring issues, practices, and guidelines.
  • L. Claxton
  • Political Science, Medicine
  • Mutation research
  • 2005
One challenge for most scientists is avoiding and resolving issues that center around authorship and the publishing of scientific manuscripts. While trying to place the research in proper context,Expand
Mutagenicity evaluation of the commercial product CI Disperse Blue 291 using different protocols of the Salmonella assay.
Textile dyes can enter the water ecosystem through wastewater discharges potentially exposing humans through the consumption of water and food. The commercial disperse dye product CI Disperse BlueExpand
Scientific authorship. Part 1. A window into scientific fraud?
  • L. Claxton
  • Political Science, Medicine
  • Mutation research
  • 2005
The examination of a single scientific manuscript seldom alerts scientists, reviewers, editors, and scientific administrators to the fabrication and falsification of data and information. This reviewExpand
Investigating the sources of the mutagenic activity found in a river using the Salmonella assay and different water extraction procedures.
In the routine São Paulo state (Brazil) surface water quality-monitoring program, which includes the Salmonella microsome mutagenicity assay as one of its parameters, a river where water is taken andExpand
Mutagenicity and DNA adduct formation of PAH, nitro-PAH, and oxy-PAH fractions of atmospheric particulate matter from São Paulo, Brazil.
Urban particulate matter (UPM) contributes to lung cancer incidence. Here, we have studied the mutagenic activity and DNA adduct-forming ability of fractionated UPM extractable organic matter (EOM).Expand
The contribution of azo dyes to the mutagenic activity of the Cristais River.
To verify whether dyes emitted within the discharge of a dye processing plant were contributing to the mutagenicity repeatedly found in the Cristais River, Sao Paulo, Brazil, we chemicallyExpand
GlutathioneS-Transferase-Mediated Mutagenicity of Trihalomethanes inSalmonella typhimurium:Contrasting Results with Bromodichloromethane and Chloroform
Trihalomethanes (THMs) are the most prevalent disinfection by-products identified in chlorinated drinking water. Among the THMs, chloroform (CHCl3) generally occurs at the highest concentration inExpand
Genotoxicity of industrial wastes and effluents.
In excess of several million pounds of genotoxic and/or carcinogenic industrial wastes are released into the U.S. environment each year. Chemical characterization of these waste materials can rarelyExpand