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Non-tuberculous mycobacteria in China
Infection with non-tuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) is relatively rare in areas that are high-endemic for tuberculosis. We identified 126 strains of NTM in respiratory specimens collected by theExpand
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The Application of RAPD Markers in Diversity Detection and Variety Identification of Porphyra
RAPD (random amplified polymorphic DNA) markers were generated from filaments of 15 Porphyra lines representing four important groups, P. yezoensis, P. haitanensis, P. katadai var. hemiphylla and P.Expand
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Differentiating Pleistocene tectonically driven and climate-related fluvial incision: the Sanggan River, Datong Basin, North China
The Sanggan River is an alluvial river flowing through a graben basin system of the northern Shanxi Rift Zone, North China. During Pleistocene times, the river reach in the Datong Basin was affectedExpand
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Late Cenozoic deformation subsequence in northeastern margin of Tibet
Two events of Tibet uplifting are revealed by detrital apatite fission track (AFT) age data from Linxia Basin. They occurred at about 14 and 5.48.0 MaBP respectively. We interpret the first one to beExpand
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Rapid Constructing a Genetic Linkage Map by AFLP Technique and Mapping a New Gene tms5
In this study, we reported the repaid construction of a molecular marker linkage map of rice ( Oryza sativa L.). An F 2 population from the cross between Annong S_1 and Nanjing 11 was used toExpand
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Systemic defense signaling in tomato
The wound-inducible expression of proteinase inhibitors (PIs) genes in tomato provides a powerful model system to elucidate the signal transduction pathway of systemic defense response. An increasingExpand
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Study on ms91(t) Gene Mapping Population in Rice
Abstrcat By the mapping of ms91(t), it was analyzed the polymorphism, fertility, segregation distortion of F_2 population of sh38/C18, sh38/N-1 and so on. The results indicate that it can facilitateExpand
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Sedimentary Characteristics of Sag-pond on the Active Strike Slip Fault and Its Tectonic Implications:An Example from Sag Pond along the West Qinling Fault
Active faulting is closely related to earthquake and geologic hazard.Study on relevant deposition records can help understand the active behavior and pattern of an active fault.Therefore,research ofExpand
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