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Memristor-The missing circuit element
A new two-terminal circuit element-called the memristorcharacterized by a relationship between the charge q(t)\equiv \int_{-\infty}^{t} i(\tau) d \tau and the flux-linkage \varphi(t)\equiv \int_{-Expand
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Practical Numerical Algorithms for Chaotic Systems
The goal of this book qre to present an elementary introduction on chaotic systems for the non-specialist, and to present and extensive package of computer algorithms ( in the form of pseudocode) for simulating and characterizing chaotic phenomena. Expand
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Cellular neural networks: applications
The theory of a novel class of information-processing systems, called cellular neural networks, which are capable of high-speed parallel signal processing, is presented. Expand
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Fading memory and the problem of approximating nonlinear operators with volterra series
Using the notion of fading memory we prove very strong versions of two folk theorems. Expand
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Linear And Nonlinear Circuits
solutions manual to accompany chua desoer kuh linear, download linear and nonlinear circuits pdf softarchive, charles a desOer author of linear and Nonlinear circuits, solution manual chua kuh pdf download xausa org, ee100 lecture notes university of california berkeley. Expand
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Resistance switching memories are memristors
  • L. Chua
  • Computer Science
  • 28 January 2011
The goal of this tutorial is to introduce some fundamental circuit-theoretic concepts and properties of the memristor that are relevant to the analysis and design of non-volatile nano memories where binary bits are stored as resistances manifested by a pinched hysteresis loop confined to the first and third quadrants of the v–i plane. Expand
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Neural networks for nonlinear programming
The dynamics of the modified canonical nonlinear programming circuit are studied and how to guarantee the stability of the network's solution. Expand
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The double scroll family
This paper provides a rigorous mathematical proof that the double scroll is indeed chaotic. Our approach is to derive a linearly equivalent class of piecewise-linear differential equations whichExpand
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Cnn: A Paradigm for Complexity
What is a CNN? standard CNNs - standard CNNs are uniquely- specified by CNN genes oscillations and chaos from standard CNNs complete stability criterion for standard CNNs bistable criterion codingExpand
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Methods of qualitative theory in nonlinear dynamics
Structurally Stable Systems Bifurcations of Dynamical Systems The Behavior of Dynamical Systems on Stability Boundaries of Equilibrium States The Behavior of Dynamical Systems on Stability BoundariesExpand
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