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Modelling for Lightning Performance Calculations
Presently used analytical methods for predicting the lightning performance of transmission lines and substations give satisfactory agreement between calculated and observed results. This paperExpand
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Monte Carlo Determination of the Frequrncy of Lightning Strokes and Shielding Failures on Transmission Lines
The probabilistic approach of the Monte Carlo method has been applied to the electro-geometric model used for the analysis of frequency of lightning strokes and shielding failures on overhead lines.Expand
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A Sensitivity Analysis of Lightning Performance Calculations for Transmission Lines
Analyses have been made of the sensitivity of lightning outage rate predictions to uncertainties and variations in the various parameters incorporated in the normal prediction methods. The influenceExpand
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Check lightning performance of unshielded lines
A new method of predicting the lightning performance of overhead, unshielded transmission lines has been developed. It was designed to facilitate the analysis of a large number of line segments withExpand