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Taxonomy and systematics of Ephedrites cheniae and Alloephedra xingxuei (Ephedraceae)
The branching pattern of living plants and exsiccatae of Ephedra were compared with those of Alloephedra xingxuei, and the results suggest that Alloetia xingXuei be transferred toEphedra, as E. xing xuei comb. Expand
Pollen morphology of selected tundra plants from the high Arctic of Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard
This study provided a useful reference for comparativestudies of fossil pollen and for the reconstruction of paleovegetation and paleoclimate in Svalbard region of Arctic. Expand
Grain remains from archaeological sites and development of oasis agriculture in Turpan,Xinjiang
The region of Turpan has a dry climate and little precipitation,which helps preserve a large number of archaeological sites. We studied the Yanghai Tombs,the Shengjindian and Astana Cemeteries,asExpand
A re-investigation of Halle's Drepanophycus spinaeformis Göpp. from the Lower Devonian of Yunnan Province, southern China
It is concluded that the new species Drepanophycus qujingensis has greatest affinity with Astewxylon mackiei, and that both exhibit the kind of fertile organization that might be anticipated in the ancestors of the lycopsids. Expand
A network for long-term monitoring of vegetation in the area of Fildes Peninsula, King George Island
Climate warming has become evident in the maritime Antarctic over the past decades, and has already influenced the growing season and the population size of two native vascular plants in Antarctica,Expand
Palynological analysis,paleovegetation and paleoclimate at Jininglu Archaeological Site,Inner Mongolia
The city of Jininglu was built during the Jin Dynasty(A.D. 1192) and expanded during the Yuan Dynasty. An archaeological site excavated in ancient Jininglu recently produced a series of importantExpand