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Nonlinear gyrokinetic equations for low-frequency electromagnetic waves in general plasma equilibria
A nonlinear gyrokinetic formalism for low‐frequency (less than the cyclotron frequency) microscopic electromagnetic perturbations in general magnetic field configurations is developed. The nonlinearExpand
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Kinetic processes in plasma heating by resonant mode conversion of Alfvén wave
An externally applied oscillating magnetic field (at a frequency near 1 MHz for typical tokamak parameters) resonantly mode converts to the kinetic Alfven wave, the Alfven wave with the perpendicularExpand
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Kinetic theory of geomagnetic pulsations 1. Internal excitations by energetic particles
Motivated by recent satellite observations. the authors have carried out a comprehensive theoretical analysis on the generation of hydromagnetic Alfven waves in a realistic magnetospheric plasmaExpand
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Modeling the evolution of chorus waves into plasmaspheric hiss
[1] Plasmaspheric hiss (PH) is a band-limited, incoherent whistler mode emission found predominantly in the plasmasphere or high-density plasma regions in the near-Earth space environment. Since itsExpand
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High- n ideal and resistive shear Alfvén waves in tokamaks
Abstract Ideal and resistive MHD equations for the shear Alfven waves are studied in a low-β toroidal model by employing the high-n ballooning formalism. The ion sound effects are neglected. For anExpand
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Physics of Alfvén waves and energetic particles in burning plasmas
Dynamics of shear Alfven waves and energetic particles are crucial to the performance of burning fusion plasmas. This article reviews linear as well as nonlinear physics of shear Alfven waves andExpand
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Physics of Alfvén Waves
Alfven waves discovered by Hannes Alfven (1942, Nature 150 405) are fundamental electromagnetic oscillations prevalent in magnetically confined plasmas existing in the nature and laboratories. AlfvenExpand
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Anisotropic Alfvén‐ballooning modes in Earth's magnetosphere
We have carried out a theoretical analysis of the stability and parallel structure of coupled shear Alfven and slow magnetosonic waves in Earth's inner magnetosphere (i.e., at equatorial distancesExpand
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Transient Measurement of the Junction-To-Case Thermal Resistance Using Structure Functions: Chances and Limits
The accurate and reproducible measurement of the junction-to-case thermal resistance Rth-JC of power semiconductor devices is far from trivial. In the recent time several new approaches to measureExpand
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Transient dual interface measurement — A new JEDEC standard for the measurement of the junction-to-case thermal resistance
A new transient measurement method for the junction-to-case thermal resistance Rth-JC of power semiconductor packages with a single heat flow path. Expand
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