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Processing of G4 DNA by Dna2 helicase/nuclease and replication protein A (RPA) provides insights into the mechanism of Dna2/RPA substrate recognition.
The polyguanine-rich DNA sequences commonly found at telomeres and in rDNA arrays have been shown to assemble into structures known as G quadruplexes, or G4 DNA, stabilized by base-stacked GExpand
Rejection of disseminated metastases of colon carcinoma by synergism of IL-12 gene therapy and 4-1BB costimulation.
The results indicate that synergism between innate and adaptive immune responses may be effectively exploited to treat patients with metastatic diseases. Expand
The admissible range of notch root radius for applying the singular stress field to its fracture analysis
Abstract In this study, the problem of “what is the critical value of notch root radius ρ max below which the fracture load of the notch with ρ ≠ 0 can be evaluated by using the singular stress fieldExpand
Resolving the inner disk of UX Orionis
Aims. The cause of the UX Ori variability in some Herbig Ae/Be stars is still a matter of debate. Detailed studies of the circumstellar environment of UX Ori objects (UXORs) are required to test theExpand