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Low tibial osteotomy for moderate ankle arthritis
Abstract Low tibial osteotomy is one of the significant advances of ankle reconstruction techniques that has been made recently in an effort to halt arthritis in its early stages and leave fusion asExpand
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The teaching-learning approach and critical thinking development: a qualitative exploration of Taiwanese nursing students.
Health care professionals are challenged by the complexities of the health care environment. This study uses a qualitative approach to explore how teaching strategy affects the development ofExpand
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Early Revisit to the Emergency Department: An Integrative Review.
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Workplace violence against emergency nurses in Taiwan: A phenomenographic study.
BACKGROUND Workplace violence (WPV) is a serious problem in health care in Taiwan, as it is worldwide. Among all nursing staff, emergency department (ED) nurses are at the highest risk of WPV; yet,Expand
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Effectiveness of a five-level Paediatric Triage System: an analysis of resource utilisation in the emergency department in Taiwan
Objectives To examine the effectiveness of a five-level Paediatric Triage and Acuity System (Ped-TTAS) by comparing the reliability of patient prioritisation and resource utilisation with theExpand
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Pediatric overtriage as a consequence of the tachycardia responses of children upon ED admission.
BACKGROUND Overtriage has been observed among pediatric patients in emergency departments (EDs) under 5-level acuity pediatric triage systems. This study aimed to investigate the causes of overtriageExpand
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Using the Five-Level Taiwan Triage and Acuity Scale Computerized System: Factors in Decision Making by Emergency Department Triage Nurses
Triage classifies and prioritizes patients’ care based on the acuity of the illness in emergency departments (EDs). In Taiwan, the five-level Taiwan Triage and Acuity Scale (TTAS) computerized systemExpand
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Incidence of patient safety events and process-related human failures during intra-hospital transportation of patients: retrospective exploration from the institutional incident reporting system
Background Intra-hospital transportation (IHT) might compromise patient safety because of different care settings and higher demand on the human operation. Reports regarding the incidence ofExpand
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Prolonged haloperidol and reduced haloperidol plasma concentrations after decanoate withdrawal
Haloperidol and reduced haloperidol plasma concentrations were measured in twelve schizophrenic patients upon cessation of haloperidol decanoate (HLD) treatment. Each patient received HLD 100 mgExpand
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The Perceptions and Expectations Toward the Social Responsibility of Hospitals and Organizational Commitment of Nursing Staff
Background: The labor rights of medical workers in hospitals in Taiwan have been a key issue of discussion and controversy in recent years. Generally, poor work conditions and manpower shortages inExpand
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