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Binge drinking trajectories from adolescence to emerging adulthood in a high-risk sample: predictors and substance abuse outcomes.
This study describes binge drinking trajectories from adolescence to emerging adulthood in 238 children of alcoholics and 208 controls. Mixture modeling identified three trajectory groups:Expand
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Theory and Research on Desistance from Antisocial Activity among Serious Adolescent Offenders
Improving juvenile court decision making requires information about how serious adolescent offenders desist from antisocial activity. A systematic research agenda on this topic requires considerationExpand
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The natural history of cigarette smoking from adolescence to adulthood in a midwestern community sample: multiple trajectories and their psychosocial correlates.
Previous research on the natural history of smoking has focused on overall group trajectories without considering the possibility of risk subgroup variation. To address this limitation, the authorsExpand
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Operational Lessons from the Pathways to Desistance Project
Implementing a large, longitudinal study of any sample is a major undertaking. The challenges are compounded when the study involves multiple sites and a high-risk sample. This article outlines theExpand
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A longitudinal study of children of alcoholics: predicting young adult substance use disorders, anxiety, and depression.
This study tested the specificity of parent alcoholism effects on young adult alcohol and drug abuse/dependence, anxiety, and depression, and tested whether adolescent symptomatology and substanceExpand
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Trajectories of alcohol and drug use and dependence from adolescence to adulthood: the effects of familial alcoholism and personality.
This study describes trajectories of substance use and dependence from adolescence to adulthood. Identified consumption groups include heavy drinking/heavy drug use, moderate drinking/experimentalExpand
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Changes in peer and parent influence during adolescence: Longitudinal versus cross-sectional perspectives on smoking initiation.
The current study used a longitudinal design to investigate age-related changes in the magnitude of peer and parent influences on adolescent cigarette smoking. Both peer and parent influences wereExpand
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Implicit and Explicit Attitudes Toward Cigarette Smoking: the Effects of Context and Motivation
Two studies examined the effects of context and motivational state on two implicit measures of attitudes toward smoking (priming [Fazio, Jackson, Dunton, & Williams, 1996] and the ImplicitExpand
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Legal, Individual, and Environmental Predictors of Court Disposition in a Sample of Serious Adolescent Offenders
Historically, the juvenile court has been expected to consider each youth’s distinct rehabilitative needs in the dispositional decision-making process, rather than focusing on legal factors alone.Expand
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The natural history of cigarette smoking from adolescence to adulthood: demographic predictors of continuity and change.
The current study examined the natural history of smoking from adolescence to adulthood in a community sample. Participants were from a longitudinal study (N = 4,035, 51.7% female, average age = 29Expand
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