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FinFET scaling to 10 nm gate length
  • Bin Yu, L. Chang, +11 authors D. Kyser
  • Engineering
  • Digest. International Electron Devices Meeting,
  • 8 December 2002
While the selection of new "backbone" device structure in the era of post-planar CMOS is open to a few candidates, FinFET and its variants show great potential in scalability and manufacturabilityExpand
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Gate length scaling and threshold voltage control of double-gate MOSFETs
In the nanoscale regime, the double-gate MOSFET can provide superior short-channel behavior. For this structure, device scaling issues are explored. Gate length scaling will be limited by the abilityExpand
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Sub-50 nm P-channel FinFET
High-performance PMOSFETs with sub-50-nm gate-length are reported. A self-aligned double-gate MOSFET structure (FinFET) is used to suppress the short-channel effects. This vertical double-gate SOIExpand
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Direct-tunneling gate leakage current in double-gate and ultrathin body MOSFETs
The impact of energy quantization on gate tunneling current is studied for double-gate and ultrathin body MOSFETs. Reduced vertical electric field and quantum confinement in the channel of theseExpand
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FinFET process refinements for improved mobility and gate work function engineering
  • Y. Choi, L. Chang, +7 authors J. Bokor
  • Materials Science
  • Digest. International Electron Devices Meeting,
  • 8 December 2002
Process refinements to improve the performance of FinFETs are described. Hydrogen annealing is shown to provide high surface quality on etched fin sidewalls for improved drive current and noiseExpand
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FinFET-a quasi-planar double-gate MOSFET
  • S. Tang, L. Chang, +7 authors C. Hu
  • Materials Science
  • IEEE International Solid-State Circuits…
  • 5 February 2001
The quasi-planar FinFET structure has device characteristics similar to those of the conventional MOSFET. Expand
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Extremely scaled silicon nano-CMOS devices
Silicon-based CMOS technology can be scaled well into the nanometer regime. High-performance, planar, ultrathin-body devices fabricated on silicon-on-insulator substrates have been demonstrated downExpand
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Comparison of AC drives for electric vehicles-a report on experts' opinion survey
  • L. Chang
  • Engineering
  • IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine
  • 1 August 1994
It is recognized that wide applications of electric vehicles (EVs) will bring tremendous social, economical and ecological benefits. With the growing interests in electric vehicles, much effort isExpand
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CMOS circuit performance enhancement by surface orientation optimization
With the advent of novel device structures that can be easily fabricated outside of the traditional (100) plane, it may be advantageous to change the crystal orientation to optimize CMOS circuitExpand
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Sub-50nm FinFET : PMOS
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