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Diversidade da ictiofauna do Alto Rio Paraná: composição atual e perspectivas futuras
Langeani, F., Castro, R.M.C., Oyakawa, O.T., Shibatta, O.A., Pavanelli, C.S. & Casatti, L. Ichthyofauna diversity of the upper rio Parana: present composition and future perspectives. Biota Neotrop.Expand
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Aquatic macrophytes as feeding site for small fishes in the Rosana Reservoir, Paranapanema River, southeastern Brazil.
In the present investigation we studied the feeding habits of the fishes associated with aquatic macrophytes in the Rosana Reservoir, southeastern Brazil. Twenty fish species were collected duringExpand
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Diversidade e distribuição espaço-temporal de anuros em região com pronunciada estação seca no sudeste do Brasil
Anthropic activities have deeply changed natural environments and constantly affected the diversity and distribution of anurans. This study aimed to investigate the following questions: (1) What isExpand
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Peixes de riacho do parque estadual Morro do Diabo, Bacia do Alto Rio Paraná, SP
AbstractResumo Stream fishes of the Morro do Diabo State Park, Upper Parana River basin, SP.A survey of the fish species in the streams of the Morro do Diabo State Park was performed. Four first andExpand
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A fish-based biotic integrity index for assessment of lowland streams in southeastern Brazil
This study was carried out to develop and apply a fish-based biotic integrity index to assess lowland streams in a highly deforested region of the Upper Paraná River basin. Fifty-six first-orderExpand
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Alimentação dos peixes em um riacho do Parque Estadual Morro do Diabo, bacia do Alto Rio Paraná, sudeste do Brasil
The trophic structure of a fish assemblage in a first order stream in the upper Parana River basin was investigated using standard methods of diet analysis and underwater observations utilizingExpand
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Testing the ecomorphological hypothesis in a headwater riffles fish assemblage of the rio São Francisco, southeastern Brazil
The ecomorphology of 14 fish species resident in a headwater riffles area of the Sao Francisco river, southeastern Brasil, was analyzed and combined with diet and feeding behavior data, previouslyExpand
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Alterações no Código Florestal Brasileiro: impactos potenciais sobre a ictiofauna
In this paper is presented an analysis of possible impacts that the reduction of native vegetation, especially riparian forests, can have on the fish fauna. Three sets of primary functional aspectsExpand
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Effects of Physical Habitat Degradation on the Stream Fish Assemblage Structure in a Pasture Region
We compared the fish assemblage structure from streams with different intensities of physical habitat degradation and chemical water pollution by domestic sewage in southeastern Brazil. Eight streamsExpand
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