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Spin?Parity Combinations in 32S
Inelastically scattered IX-particles from the reaction 32S(IX, 1X')32S have been studied with solid state counters at extreme backward angles in order to determine spin-parity combinations for levelsExpand
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Beta decay of 58Cu
Abstract The β + decay of the 1 + ground state of 58 Cu to excited states of 58 Ni has been investigated by a study of the subsequent de-excitation γ-rays using a Ge(Li) detector. Branching ratiosExpand
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The γ-ray decay properties of analogue states of 55Fe excited in the reaction 54Fe(p, γ)55Co
Gamma-ray angular distribution, polarization and resonance strength measurements have been carried out on resonances observed in the reaction 54Fe(p, γ)55Co at proton energies of 1803 and 1887 keV.Expand
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Properties of the 9.699 MeV level in 28Si
The decay of the 9.699 MeV level in 28Si has been studied using the reaction 27Al(p,γ)28Si at Ep = 1724 keV. Gamma rays from the decay of the 9.699 MeV level were observed with large-volume Ge(Li)Expand
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The 5·80 MeV State of 32S
Studies of the reaction 29Si(a, n?)32S indicate that the 5 ·80 MeV state of 32S has an excitation energy of 5798· 2±1· 0 keV, a mean lifetime of 14±7 fs, and a spin of 1. Particle?gamma coincidenceExpand
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In-beam study of prompt γ-rays emitted in the 66Zn(p, nγ)66Ga reaction
Abstract The level structure of the nucleus 66 Ga has been studied by means of the 66 Zn(p, nγ) 66 Ga reaction ( Q = −5.957 MeV). Levels in 66 Ga up to 730 keV in excitation were selectivelyExpand
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The relative population of the 2+ levels at 243 and 288 keV and the 3+ levels at 390 and 426 keV in 62Cu via the 62Ni(p, n)62Cu reaction has been compared with the theoretical prediction of theExpand
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