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HMG20A and HMG20B map to human chromosomes 15q24 and 19p13.3 and constitute a distinct class of HMG-box genes with ubiquitous expression
HMG20A and HMG20B, two novel human HMG box-containing genes, discovered within the EURO-IMAGE Consortium full-length cDNA sequencing initiative are described and determined the genomic structure and expression pattern. Expand
Cloning, mapping and expression analysis of VPS33B, the human orthologue of rat Vps33b
VPS33B, the human ortholog of rat Vps33b, encodes a transcript of 2482 nt with an ORF of 617 amino acids and a predicted protein size of 70.6 kDa. Expand
Cloning, expression, and mapping of PDCD9, the human homolog of Gallus gallus pro-apoptotic protein p52
The sequence, tissue distribution, and chromosome location of a novel gene, PDCD9 (programmed cell death 9), a mammalian counterpart of the Gallus gallus pro-apoptotic protein p52, are reported. Expand
Correction to article in Vol 86:252–258 (1999)
Identification and expression analysis of C15orf3, a novel gene on chromosome 15q21.1→q21.2
A novel human gene that lacks homology to any known gene family is isolated, C15orf3, which encodes a transcript of 1676 nt with an ORF of 187 amino acids and a predicted protein product size of 20.8 kDa. Expand
Susumu Ohno left us January 13, 2000, at the age of 71
Dr. Ohno's discoveries in experimental cytogenetics were the prelude to his more global thinking on evolution and his research on the cytogenetic of sex chromosomes prepared the way for the Lyon hypothesis. Expand
Subject Index Vol. 88, 2000
Anatomic variation of the thoracic duct and absence of accessory hemiazygos and hemiazygos veins: case report
In a male cadaver dissection in the anatomy laboratory of the Faculdade de Ciências Médicas of Minas Gerais (FCMMG), an anatomical variation of the position of the thoracic duct was found. Expand
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