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Eustacy and land subsidence in the Venice Lagoon at the beginning of the new millennium
Abstract Venetian land subsidence, both natural and induced by groundwater withdrawal, and northern Adriatic Sea eustasy have caused 23 cm of relative land subsidence referred to as the mean seaExpand
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The Lagoon of Venice: natural environmental trend and man-induced modification / La Lagune de Venise: l'évolution naturelle et les modifications humaines
ABSTRACT This paper describes factors which have modified the original equilibrium of the Venetian Lagoon ecosystem. Human intervention started in 1400 AD. During the last two centuries man'sExpand
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Global change and relative sea level rise at Venice: what impact in term of flooding
Relative sea level rise (RSLR) due to climate change and geodynamics represents the main threat for the survival of Venice, emerging today only 90 cm above the Northern Adriatic mean sea level (msl).Expand
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Evidence of the present relative land stability of Venice, Italy, from land, sea, and space observations
[1] The city of Venice is very vulnerable to loss in surface elevation as a result of subsidence and eustacy because of its small elevation above sea level. The alarm of the scientific communityExpand
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Using high resolution data to reveal depth-dependent mechanisms that drive land subsidence: The Venice coast, Italy
Recent research has provided a high-resolution map that depicts the effect of land subsidence on the Venice coastal plain of Italy. The map, which covers the decade of 1992 to 2002, was obtained byExpand
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Resolving land subsidence within the Venice Lagoon by persistent scatterer SAR interferometry
Abstract Land subsidence is a severe geologic hazard threatening the lowlying transitional coastal areas worldwide. Monitoring land subsidence has been significantly improved over the last decade byExpand
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A new project to monitor land subsidence in the northern Venice coastland (Italy)
The paper deals with the implementation of a levelling and Global Positioning System (GPS) network to control land subsidence in the coastal area north of the Venice Lagoon. About 480 km of levellingExpand
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Distribution of Recent Benthic Foraminifera in the Southern Basin of the Venice Lagoon (Italy): Statistical Evaluation of Taxa Significance
The total benthic foraminiferal assemblage (living and dead) is analyzed for 95 samples collected in the southern basin of the Venice Lagoon [Chioggia Basin, Italy]. Quantitative results of theExpand
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