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Concentrated Euler flows and point vortex model
This paper is an improvement of previous results on concentrated Euler flows and their connection with the point vortex model. Precisely, we study the time evolution of an incompressible two
Active particles under confinement and effective force generation among surfaces.
It is shown that the Fokker-Planck approach can predict the structure of the system both in the wall region and in the bulk-like region where the surface forces are negligible, and relates the presence of such ordering to the mechanical pressure exerted on the container's walls.
The entropy production of Ornstein–Uhlenbeck active particles: a path integral method for correlations
By employing a path integral formulation, we obtain the entropy production rate for a system of active Ornstein-Uhlenbeck particles (AOUP) both in the presence and in the absence of thermal noise.
Comment on "Entropy Production and Fluctuation Theorems for Active Matter".
This is a comment to a letter by D. Mandal, K. Klymko and M. R. DeWeese to the editor of Phys.
Active chiral particles under confinement: surface currents and bulk accumulation phenomena.
This work studies the stationary behavior of an assembly of independent chiral active particles under confinement by employing an extension of the active Ornstein-Uhlenbeck model and provides a semiquantitative description of the current profile in terms of effective viscosity of the chiral gas.
Spatial velocity correlations in inertial systems of active Brownian particles.
This work demonstrates through numerical simulations and theoretical analysis that velocity alignment is a robust property of ABP and persists even in the presence of inertial forces and thermal fluctuations, and concludes that in self-propelled systems, at variance with passive systems, variations in the inertial time and mass act as independent control parameters.
Active matter at high density: Velocity distribution and kinetic temperature.
An exact analytical expression for the kinetic temperature of dense spherical self-propelled particles that holds also in the non-equilibrium regimes with large persistence times is reported and its range of validity is discussed.
Spontaneous Velocity Alignment in Motility-Induced Phase Separation.
This work explains the velocity alignment by unveiling a hidden alignment interaction of the Vicsek-like form, induced by the interplay between steric interactions and self-propulsion.
Linear response and correlation of a self-propelled particle in the presence of external fields
We study the non-equilibrium properties of non interacting active Ornstein-Uhlenbeck particles (AOUP) subject to an external nonuniform field using a Fokker-Planck approach with a focus on the linear
Active escape dynamics: The effect of persistence on barrier crossing.
This work proposes approximate equations for the typical trajectories which successfully predict many aspects of the numerical results in a system of non-interacting active particles, propelled by colored noises, and confined by a double-well potential.