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The Color of Justice: Race, Ethnicity, and Crime in America
  • L. Cao
  • Psychology
  • 1 September 1999
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Prison disciplinary tickets: A test of the deprivation and importation models
Abstract Competing models of prison rule violation exist in criminology. The deprivation model proposes that inmate rule infraction is the product of the stressful and oppressive conditions withinExpand
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Based on a survey of 539 residents of Cincinnati, this study assesses various explanations of gun ownership. The analysis reveals that gender and childhood socialization into a gun culture areExpand
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The impact of political entity on confidence in legal authorities: A comparison between China and Taiwan
The current study compared the public confidence in legal authorities in two different political entities: China and Taiwan. Data from the 2005 World Values Surveys were used, and the results fromExpand
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A comparison of confidence in the police in China and in the United States
Abstract Few studies, either qualitative or quantitative, have been done on public attitudes toward the police in the People's Republic of China. The “bamboo curtain” still covers China, which sinceExpand
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Thinking about Crime and Control: A Comparative Study of Chinese and American Ideology
Although criminological interest in the People's Republic of China(PRC) has grown considerably, depictions of Chinese crime-related ideology are based largely on interviews with PRC officials,Expand
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Race and satisfaction with the police in a small city
In a democratic society, public opinion of criminal justice systems is essential for the proper functioning of police departments. Since the 1970s, police organizations were increasingly concernedExpand
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Differentiating confidence in the police, trust in the police, and satisfaction with the police
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to differentiate clearly between three frequently used concepts found in the research literature on public perceptions of the police: confidence in the police,Expand
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Is American Society More Anomic? A Test of Merton's Theory with Cross‐National Data
Despite the pivotal conceptual position of anomie in criminology and sociology, operation‐ alization of the concept remains problematic. This study offers a new operationalization of anomie based onExpand
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Aboriginal People and Confidence in the Police
Aucune étude représentant toute la nation n’a été faite au sujet de la différence entre la confiance envers la police qu’ont les Autochtones et les non-Autochtones au Canada. En se basant surExpand
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