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Understanding and Responding to Anti-choice Women-centred Strategies
  • L. Cannold
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • Reproductive health matters
  • 1 January 2002
Abstract This paper discusses the rise and use of a “woman-centred” anti-choice strategy to oppose abortion in Australia and the USA. It argues that this strategy seeks to imitate and exploit aspectsExpand
Who's crying now? Chosen childlessness, circumstantial childlessness and the irrationality of motherhood: a study of the fertility decisions of Australian and North American women
Interviews were conducted with thirty-five Australian and North American women who were fertile, childless and aged between twenty-eight and forty-two. The goal was to investigate how childlessnessExpand
Women, ectogenesis and ethical theory.
  • L. Cannold
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • Journal of applied philosophy
  • 1 April 1995
The nature of two influential theories on the moral status of abortion logically commits them to welcoming the advent of ectogenesis (the gestation of human beings outside the womb) as a solution toExpand
The abortion myth : feminisn, morality, and the hard choices women make
The feminist position on abortion is little changed from thirty years ago, argues Leslie Cannold. Mired in the rhetoric of "rights," feminists have failed to appreciate women's actual experience ofExpand
Who's the father? Rethinking the moral'crime'of'paternity fraud'
In Australia, men's mobilisation around discrepant paternity has led to numerous father-favouring changes to family law. Despite this, feminists have been slow to interrogate discrepant paternityExpand
Partial and impartial ethical reasoning in health care professionals.
OBJECTIVES: To determine the relationship between ethical reasoning and gender and occupation among a group of male and female nurses and doctors. DESIGN: Partialist and impartialist forms of ethicalExpand
Consequences for patients of health care professionals' conscientious actions: the ban on abortions in South Australia.
  • L. Cannold
  • Medicine
  • Journal of medical ethics
  • 1 June 1994
The legitimacy of the refusal of South Australian nurses to care for second trimester abortion patients on grounds of conscience is examined as a test case for a theory of permissible limits on theExpand
Making decisions about fertility--three facts GPs need to communicate to women.
BACKGROUND Average annual fertility rates in industrialised countries have been below two children per woman for the past 3 decades. The reasons behind women's childbearing behaviour are complex.Expand