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Measuring nanoparticles size distribution in food and consumer products: a review
Nanoparticles are already used in several consumer products including food, food packaging and cosmetics, and their detection and measurement in food represent a particularly difficult challenge. InExpand
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Transcriptomics and proteomics. Applications to ecotoxicology.
Researchers from Europe and the USA met at the Joint Research Center (JRC) of the European Commission to discuss how to integrate gene and protein expression analyses with bioinformatic tools in theExpand
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Effect of silver nanoparticles on Mediterranean sea urchin embryonal development is species specific and depends on moment of first exposure.
With the ever growing use of nanoparticles in a broad range of industrial and consumer applications there is increasing likelihood that such nanoparticles will enter the aquatic environment and beExpand
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Protein--nanoparticle interaction: identification of the ubiquitin--gold nanoparticle interaction site.
We demonstrate that it is possible to identify the protein--nanoparticle interaction site at amino acid scale in solution. Using NMR, chemical shift perturbation analysis, and dynamic lightExpand
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Measuring protein structure and stability of protein-nanoparticle systems with synchrotron radiation circular dichroism.
We measure the structural and stability changes of proteins at nanomolar concentration upon interaction with nanoparticles. Using synchrotron radiation circular dichroism (SRCD), we measure aExpand
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Docking of ubiquitin to gold nanoparticles.
Protein-nanoparticle associations have important applications in nanoscience and nanotechnology such as targeted drug delivery and theranostics. However, the mechanisms by which proteins recognizeExpand
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Are existing standard methods suitable for the evaluation of nanomedicines: some case studies.
The use of nanotechnology in medical products has been demonstrated at laboratory scale, and many resulting nanomedicines are in the translational phase toward clinical applications, with globalExpand
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Measuring particle size distribution of nanoparticle enabled medicinal products, the joint view of EUNCL and NCI‐NCL. A step by step approach combining orthogonal measurements with increasing
ABSTRACT The particle size distribution (PSD) and the stability of nanoparticles enabled medicinal products (NEP) in complex biological environments are key attributes to assess their quality, safetyExpand
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Determination of the structure and morphology of gold nanoparticle-HSA protein complexes.
We propose a simple method to determine the structure and morphology of nanoparticle protein complexes. By combining a separation method with online size measurements, density measurements andExpand
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Assessing silver nanoparticles behaviour in artificial seawater by mean of AF4 and spICP-MS.
The use of nanotechnology-based products is constantly increasing and there are concerns about the fate and effect on the aquatic environment of antimicrobial products such as silver nanoparticles.Expand
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