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Persistent sulfate formation from London Fog to Chinese haze
Significance Exceedingly high levels of fine particulate matter (PM) occur frequently in China, but the mechanism of severe haze formation remains unclear. From atmospheric measurements in twoExpand
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Genomic Analysis of Mouse Retinal Development
The vertebrate retina is comprised of seven major cell types that are generated in overlapping but well-defined intervals. To identify genes that might regulate retinal development, gene expressionExpand
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High-dimensional Exploratory Item Factor Analysis by A Metropolis–Hastings Robbins–Monro Algorithm
A Metropolis–Hastings Robbins–Monro (MH-RM) algorithm for high-dimensional maximum marginal likelihood exploratory item factor analysis is proposed. The sequence of estimates from the MH-RM algorithmExpand
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Phrase-Based Translation Model for Question Retrieval in Community Question Answer Archives
We propose a novel phrase-based translation model for question retrieval that captures contextual information in modeling the translation of phrases as a whole. Expand
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Efficacy of SSH PCR in isolating differentially expressed genes
BackgroundSuppression Subtractive Hybridization PCR (SSH PCR) is a sophisticated cDNA subtraction method to enrich and isolate differentially expressed genes. Despite its popularity, the method hasExpand
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Clustering analysis of SAGE data using a Poisson approach
Serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE) data have been poorly exploited by clustering analysis owing to the lack of appropriate statistical methods that consider their specific properties. WeExpand
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Role of Topoisomerase IIβ in the Expression of Developmentally RegulatedGenes
ABSTRACT Mice lacking topoisomerase IIβ (TopIIβ) are known to exhibit a perinatal death phenotype. In the current study, transcription profiles of the brains of wild-type and top2β knockout mouseExpand
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Acoustic analysis of aperiodic voice: perturbation and nonlinear dynamic properties in esophageal phonation.
Esophageal voice is a method of voice production after total laryngectomy. Previous research suggests that perturbation analysis may inaccurately measure aperiodic voices and that nonlinear dynamicExpand
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On products in a real moment-angle manifold
  • L. Cai
  • Mathematics
  • 21 October 2014
In this paper we give a necessary and sufficient condition for a (real) moment-angle complex to be a topological manifold. The cup and cap products in a real moment-angle manifold are studied: theExpand
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