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Molecular characterisation and population genetics of the DYS458 .2 allelic variant
Abstract We recently found a number of intermediate DYS458 alleles, indicated as .2. This allelic variant is distributed in several populations, but currently no information is available regardingExpand
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J1-M267 Y lineage marks climate-driven pre-historical human displacements
The present day distribution of Y chromosomes bearing the haplogroup J1 M267*G variant has been associated with different episodes of human demographic history, the main one being the diffusion ofExpand
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Italian isolates today: geographic and linguistic factors shaping human biodiversity.
We briefly review the current status of anthropological and genetic studies of isolated populations and of their micro-evolutionary and biomedical applications, with particular emphasis on EuropeanExpand
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The dual origin of tati‐speakers from dagestan as written in the genealogy of uniparental variants
Tat language is classified in an Iranian subbranch of the Indo‐European family. It is spoken in the Caucasus and in the West Caspian region by populations with heterogeneous cultural traditions andExpand
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The key role of patrilineal inheritance in shaping the genetic variation of Dagestan highlanders
The Caucasus region is a complex cultural and ethnic mosaic, comprising populations that speak Caucasian, Indo-European and Altaic languages. Isolated mountain villages (auls) in Dagestan stillExpand
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Newsletter Serit n. 3 - Gennaio 2012
In questo numero vengono presentate due importanti iniziative: il TA7, la nuova area di SERIT dedicata agli "Aspetti legali ed etici della sicurezza", a cui vi invitiamo a partecipare, e il lancioExpand