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Physics Performance Report for PANDA: Strong Interaction Studies with Antiprotons
To study fundamental questions of hadron and nuclear physics in interactions of antiprotons with nucleons and nuclei, the universal PANDA detector will be built. Gluonic excitations, the physics ofExpand
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Evidence for a kaon-bound state K(-)pp produced in K(-) absorption reactions at rest.
We have searched for a deeply bound kaonic state by using the FINUDA spectrometer installed at the e(+)e(-) collider DAPhiNE. Almost monochromatic K(-)'s produced through the decay of phi(1020)Expand
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First results on proton extraction from the CERN SPS with a bent crystal
Abstract The feasibility of extracting protons from the halo of a high energy beam by means of a bent silicon crystal has been investigated. Protons diffusing from a GeV beam circulating in the SPSExpand
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Study of the K+K−π+π−π0 final state in antiproton annihilation at rest in gaseous hydrogen at NTP with the OBELIX spectrometer
Abstract A spin-parity analysis of a sample of p p→K + K − π + π − π 0 annihilation events taken at rest in gaseous H2 at NTP is reported. The invariant mass spectrum of the K+K−π0 system shows theExpand
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Anti-pp annihilation into four charged pions at rest and in flight
The spin-parity analysis of the data on the ¯pp → 2π+ 2π − annihilation reaction at rest in liquid and in gaseous hydrogen at 3 bar pressure and in flight at p momentum of 50 MeV/c, collected by theExpand
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Measurement of the strong interaction induced shift and width of the 1s state of kaonic deuterium at J-PARC
The antikaon-nucleon interaction close to threshold provides crucial information on the interplay between spontaneous and explicit chiral symmetry breaking in low-energy QCD. In this context theExpand
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New measurements of the p̄p annihilation cross section at very low energy
Abstract The p p total annihilation cross section has been measured at four values of the p incident momentum, between 70 MeV/c and 38 MeV/c, with the Obelix apparatus at LEAR. The new measurementsExpand
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pp annihilation cross section at very low energy
Abstract The pp total annihilation cross section has been measured, with the Obelix apparatus at LEAR, at ten values of the antiproton incident momentum between 43 and 175 MeV/c. The values of theExpand
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P̄P partial cross sections at low energy
New measurements of the pp total annihilation cross-section at very low momenta (around 50 MeV/c) confirm the previous results obtained by the OBELIX collaboration. The measured values are in generalExpand
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Neutral strange-particle production in p̄20Ne reactions at 607 MeV/c
Abstract The Λ 0 and K 0 s production cross sections have been measured at 607 MeV/ c for the reaction p + 20 Ne → V 0 + X ( V 0 =Λ, 0 , K 0 s ) . The Λ 0 /K 0 s production ratio is found to beExpand
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