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Genetic and ecological data on the Anisakis simplex complex, with evidence for a new species (Nematoda, Ascaridoidea, Anisakidae).
Isozyme analysis at 24 loci was carried out on anisakid nematodes of the Anisakis simplex complex, recovered from various intermediate/paratenic (squid, fish) and definitive (marine mammals) hostsExpand
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Origin and evolution of animal hybrid species.
  • L. Bullini
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  • Trends in ecology & evolution
  • 1 November 1994
The increasing number of hybrid species, discovered in both vertebrates and invertebrates by the combined use of chromosome, allozyme and molecular markers, calls for a reevaluation of hybridExpand
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Allozyme diversity of European freshwater crayfish of the genus Austropotamobius
Data are reported on genetic variation at 30 enzyme loci in Austropotamobius crayfish from France, England, Italy, Spain, and the Balkans. Three population groups were detected, corresponding to A.Expand
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Genetic markers in the study of Anisakis typica (Diesing, 1860): larval identification and genetic relationships with other species of Anisakis Dujardin, 1845 (Nematoda: Anisakidae)
Genetic variation at 21 gene-enzyme systems was studied in a sample of an adult population of Anisakis typica (Diesing, 1860) recovered in the dolphin Sotalia fluviatilis from the Atlantic coast ofExpand
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Genetic variation and natural hybridization betweenOrchis laxiflora andOrchis palustris (Orchidaceae)
AbstractGenetic divergence between population samples ofOrchis laxiflora and ofO. palustris from various European locations was studied by electrophoretic analysis of 25 enzyme loci. An averageExpand
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Hybrid zones between two genetically differentiated forms of the pond frog Rana lessonae in southern Italy
Two distinct population groups of the pond frog Rana lessonae were detected in peninsular Italy and Sicily by multilocus electrophoresis: one group inhabits the peninsula down to northern Calabria,Expand
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Molecular Taxonomy of European Plethodontid Salamanders (Genus Hydromantes)
Genetic variation of 33 enzyme loci was analysed electrophoretically in 32 populations of the plethodontid genus Hydromantes from southern France, northern and central Italy, and Sardinia. Eight taxaExpand
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Genetic divergence and reproductive isolation between Anisakis brevispiculata and Anisakis physeteris (Nematoda: Anisakidae)s.
In order to assess the taxonomic status of Anisakis brevispiculata Dollfus, 1966 population samples of this taxon from central and south-eastern Atlantic ocean were compared at 22 enzymatic loci withExpand
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Molecular Reexamination of the Taxonomy of Ochthebius (Calobius) (Coleoptera: Hydraenidae) from the Mediterranean and Macaronesian Regions
The classification of Ochthebius (Calobius) is revised using isozyme analysis combined with a preliminary morphological study of population samples from 69 Mediterranean and Macaronesian localities.Expand
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