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Marine debris and human impacts on sea turtles in southern Brazil.
It appears that direct and indirect effects of fishing activities may pose a threat to these species in Brazilian waters, especially bottom trawl and gill nets. Expand
Seabird mortality on factory trawlers in the Falkland Islands and beyond
Specifically tasked seabird observers were placed onboard demersal (bottom) finfish trawlers operating in the Falkland Islands in 2002/2003 to investigate the level of seabird mortality caused by theExpand
Seabird bycatch in the Brazilian pelagic longline fishery and a review of capture rates in the southwestern Atlantic Ocean
The southwestern Atlantic Ocean is an important foraging ground throughout the year for several albatross and petrel species. Longline fishing fleets in the region currently pose the main threat forExpand
The importance of pelagic longline fishery discards for a seabird community determined through stable isotope analysis
Stable isotope results suggest that the availability of discards from pelagic fisheries in the SW Atlantic Ocean lead to an artificially and poorly structured seabird community, with most species utilizing the same food resource. Expand
Circle hook effectiveness for the mitigation of sea turtle bycatch and capture of target species in a Brazilian pelagic longline fishery
Overall, results support the effectiveness of using circle hooks for the conservation of loggerhead and leatherback sea turtles, with positive effects on capture of most target species of the south-western Atlantic longline fishery. Expand
Potential bycatch of seabirds and turtles in hook-and-line fisheries of the Itaipava Fleet, Brazil
M Monitoring the fleet and bycatch levels, development of mitigation measures, establishment of educational programs, government control over the fleet, and enforcement, are urgently required for the hook-and-line fisheries described in the present study. Expand
Diet of Neotropic cormorant (Phalacrocorax brasilianus) in an estuarine environment
Temporal variations in diet composition and fish size preyed by Neotropics cormorants, a widespread and generalist species, suggest shifts according to fluctuations in the abundance of prey. Expand
Effects of lipid extraction on the isotopic values of sea turtle bone collagen
Results suggest that lipid extraction should be taken into account in SIA of bone collagen tissues for accurate δ 13 C determination, and a model is not recommended as a mathematical lipid correction method. Expand
Feeding ecology of the Common Tern Sterna hirundo in a wintering area in southern Brazil
The wintering diet of Common Terns Sterna hirundo was studied by using 714 pellets collected on roosting sites at the mouth of the Lagoa dos Patos and on adjacent coastal beaches, in Rio Grande do Sul, southern Brazil, from March 1999 to February 2000, finding high number of prey species and wide range of prey sizes. Expand
Sex-biased incidental mortality of albatrosses and petrels in longline fisheries: differential distributions at sea or differential access to baits mediated by sexual size dimorphism?
It is shown that skewed ASR is common in albatrosses and petrels in the community attending vessels for discards, confirming results found for birds in general and suggesting differential at-sea distribution of sexes appears to be a better explanation than sexual size dimorphism in size. Expand