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Classification of hyperspectral remote sensing images with support vector machines
This paper addresses the problem of the classification of hyperspectral remote sensing images by support vector machines (SVMs). First, we propose a theoretical discussion and experimental analysisExpand
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Automatic analysis of the difference image for unsupervised change detection
One of the main problems related to unsupervised change detection methods based on the "difference image" lies in the lack of efficient automatic techniques for discriminating between changed andExpand
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Kernel-based methods for hyperspectral image classification
This paper presents the framework of kernel-based methods in the context of hyperspectral image classification, illustrating from a general viewpoint the main characteristics of differentExpand
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ADJUST: An automatic EEG artifact detector based on the joint use of spatial and temporal features.
A successful method for removing artifacts from electroencephalogram (EEG) recordings is Independent Component Analysis (ICA), but its implementation remains largely user-dependent. Here, we proposeExpand
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An unsupervised approach based on the generalized Gaussian model to automatic change detection in multitemporal SAR images
We present a novel automatic and unsupervised change-detection approach specifically oriented to the analysis of multitemporal single-channel single-polarization synthetic aperture radar (SAR)Expand
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Morphological Attribute Profiles for the Analysis of Very High Resolution Images
Morphological attribute profiles (APs) are defined as a generalization of the recently proposed morphological profiles (MPs). APs provide a multilevel characterization of an image created by theExpand
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Domain Adaptation Problems: A DASVM Classification Technique and a Circular Validation Strategy
This paper addresses pattern classification in the framework of domain adaptation by considering methods that solve problems in which training data are assumed to be available only for a sourceExpand
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Extended profiles with morphological attribute filters for the analysis of hyperspectral data
Extended attribute profiles and extended multi-attribute profiles are presented for the analysis of hyperspectral high-resolution images. These extended profiles are based on morphological attributeExpand
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Classification of Hyperspectral Images With Regularized Linear Discriminant Analysis
This paper analyzes the classification of hyperspectral remote sensing images with linear discriminant analysis (LDA) in the presence of a small ratio between the number of training samples and theExpand
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Recent Advances in Techniques for Hyperspectral Image Processing
Imaging spectroscopy, also known as hyperspectral imaging, has been transformed in less than thirty years from being a sparse research tool into a commodity product available to a broad userExpand
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