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Hydrology of tropical montane cloud forests: A Reassessment
Extending an earlier review of the literature (Bruijnzeel and Proctor, 1995), this paper incorporates the results obtained by post-1993 hydrological and hydrometeorological studies in tropicalExpand
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Hydrometeorology of tropical montane cloud forests: emerging patterns
Tropical montane cloud forests (TMCF) typically experience conditions of frequent to persistent fog. On the basis of the altitudinal limits between which TMCF generally occur (800–3500 m.a.s.l.Expand
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The importance of epiphytes to total rainfall interception by a tropical montane rain forest in Costa Rica
Abstract The abundant epiphyte vegetation of upper montane tropical rain forests, which in terms of biomass is mainly composed of non-vascular plants (mosses, liverworts and lichens), can be expectedExpand
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Throughfall in a Puerto Rican lower montane rain forest: A comparison of sampling strategies
During a one-year period, the variability of throughfall and the standard errors of the means associated with different gauge arrangements were studied in a lower montane rain forest in Puerto Rico.Expand
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Hydrology and Biogeochemistry of Tropical Montane Cloud Forests: What Do We Really Know?
Arguably, montane “cloud forests” (MCFs) are among the least understood of humid tropical forest ecosystems as far as their water and nutrient dynamics are concerned (Whitmore 1990). This is in spiteExpand
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Characteristics of fog and fogwater fluxes in a Puerto Rican elfin cloud forest
The Luquillo Mountains of northeastern Puerto Rico harbours important fractions of tropical montane cloud forests. Although it is well known that the frequent occurrence of dense fog is a commonExpand
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Tropical montane cloud forests (TMCF) differ from lowland moist forests in structure (low stature, small and tough leaves, low diversity) and functioning (low productivity, low nutrient-cyclingExpand
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Estimating fog deposition at a Puerto Rican elfin cloud forest site: comparison of the water budget and eddy covariance methods
The deposition of fog to a wind-exposed 3 m tall Puerto Rican cloud forest at 1010 m elevation was studied using the water budget and eddy covariance methods. Fog deposition was calculated from theExpand
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Global patterns in base flow index and recession based on streamflow observations from 3394 catchments
[1] Numerous previous studies have constructed models to estimate base flow characteristics from climatic and physiographic characteristics of catchments and applied these to ungauged regions.Expand
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