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Postactivation Potentiation Response in Athletic and Recreationally Trained Individuals
To determine if training status directly impacted the response to postactivation potentiation, athletes in sports requiring explosive strength (ATH; n = 7) were compared to recreationally trainedExpand
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Meta-Analysis of Postactivation Potentiation and Power: Effects of Conditioning Activity, Volume, Gender, Rest Periods, and Training Status
Abstract Wilson, JM, Duncan, NM, Marin, PJ, Brown, LE, Loenneke, JP, Wilson, SMC, Jo, E, Lowery, RP, and Ugrinowitsch, C. Meta-analysis of postactivation potentiation and power: Effects ofExpand
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This paper lays the framework for the proper techniques of collection and interpretation of strength and power tests. Expand
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The Effect of Short‐Term Isokinetic Training on Force and Rate of Velocity Development
This study determines the effects of short-term isokinetic training on rate of velocity development (RVD) and force. Three groups were pre- and posttested for knee extension RVD and force at 1.04Expand
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Influence of Recovery Duration After a Potentiating Stimulus on Muscular Power in Recreationally Trained Individuals
Jo, E, Judelson, DA, Brown, LE, Coburn, JW, and Dabbs, NC. Influence of recovery duration after a potentiating stimulus on muscular power in recreationally trained individuals. J Strength Cond ResExpand
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Acute Effects of Heavy-Load Squats on Consecutive Squat Jump Performance
Postactivation potentiation (PAP) and complex training have generated interest within the strength and conditioning community in recent years, but much of the research to date has producedExpand
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Effect of Attentional Focus Strategies on Peak Force and Performance in the Standing Long Jump
Abstract Wu, WFW, Porter, JM, and Brown, LE. Effect of attentional focus strategies on peak force and performance in the standing long jump. J Strength Cond Res 26(5): 1226–1231, 2012—SignificantExpand
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Conditioning for Strength and Human Performance
PART 1: Basic Science Chapter 1: Bioenergetics, T. Jeff Chandler and C. Eric Arnold Chapter 2: The Cardiorespiratory System, Jay R. Hoffman Chapter 3: The Neuromuscular System: Anatomical andExpand
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Comparison of Swim Recovery and Muscle Stimulation on Lactate Removal After Sprint Swimming
Neric, FB, Beam, WC, Brown, LE, and Wiersma, LD. Comparison of swim recovery and muscle stimulation on lactate removal after sprint swimming. J Strength Cond Res 23(9): 2560-2567, 2009-CompetitiveExpand
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Effects of Different Footwear on Vertical Jump and Landing Parameters
Abstract LaPorta, JW, Brown, LE, Coburn, JW, Galpin, AJ, Tufano, JJ, Cazas, VL, and Tan, JG. Effects of different footwear on vertical jump and landing parameters. J Strength Cond Res 27(3): 733–737,Expand
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