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Functional landscape heterogeneity and animal biodiversity in agricultural landscapes.
Biodiversity in agricultural landscapes can be increased with conversion of some production lands into 'more-natural'- unmanaged or extensively managed - lands. However, it remains unknown to whatExpand
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Presence-absence versus presence-only modelling methods for predicting bird habitat suitability
Habitat suitability models can be generated using methods requiring information on species presence or species presence and absence. Knowledge of the predictive performance of such methods becomes aExpand
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Predicting species distributions for conservation decisions
We encourage species distribution modellers to get involved in real decision-making processes that will benefit from their technical input; this strategy has the potential to better bridge theory and practice, and contribute to improve both scientific knowledge and conservation outcomes. Expand
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Do changes in climate patterns in wintering areas affect the timing of the spring arrival of trans‐Saharan migrant birds?
The life cycles of plants and animals are changing around the world in line with the predictions originated from hypotheses concerning the impact of global warming and climate change on biologicalExpand
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Effects of restricting environmental range of data to project current and future species distributions
We examine the consequences of restricting the range of environmental conditions over which niche-based models are developed to project potential future distributions of three selected European treeExpand
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Land‐use changes as major drivers of mountain pine (Pinus uncinata Ram.) expansion in the Pyrenees
Aim To assess the spatial patterns of forest expansion (encroachment and densification) for mountain pine (Pinus uncinata Ram.) during the last 50 years at a whole mountain range scale by the studyExpand
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Climate Change or Land Use Dynamics: Do We Know What Climate Change Indicators Indicate?
Different components of global change can have interacting effects on biodiversity and this may influence our ability to detect the specific consequences of climate change through biodiversityExpand
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Consensual predictions of potential distributional areas for invasive species: a case study of Argentine ants in the Iberian Peninsula
Invasive species are known to influence the structure and function of invaded ecological communities, and preventive measures appear to be the most efficient means of controlling these effects.Expand
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Wildfires and the expansion of threatened farmland birds: the ortolan bunting Emberiza hortulana in Mediterranean landscapes
Summary 1. It has been argued that wildfires are one of the major agents involved in landscape transformation in many European regions and their impact is expected to increase in the near future.Expand
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The application of predictive modelling of species distribution to biodiversity conservation
Predictive modelling of species geographical distributions isa thriving ecological and biogeographical discipline. Majoradvances in its conceptual foundation and applications havetaken placeExpand
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