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A novel ketone monooxygenase from Pseudomonas cepacia. Purification and properties.
A ketone monooxygenase was purified from cells of Pseudomonas cepacia grown on 2-tridecanone as sole carbon source and catalyzes the lactonization of the cyclic ketone, cyclopentanone, with the formation of 5-valerolactone. Expand
Source of oxygen in the conversion of 2-tridecanone to undecyl acetate by Pseudomonas cepacia and Nocardia sp.
Abstract Cell-free extracts from Pseudomonas cepacia and Nocardia sp. when supplied with NADPH accumulated undecyl acetate from 2-tridecanone in the presence of an esterase inhibitor, tetraethylExpand
Bark beetle pheromones: Production of verbenone by a mycangial fungus ofDendroctonus frontalis
A mycangial symbiotic fungus of Dendroctonus frontalis is capable of oxidizingtrans-verbenol to verbenone, and it is suggested that development of the fungus in the plant host may play a role in influencing the behavior of the beetle to a successfully colonized tree. Expand
A stocker cattle feeding trial was conducted to determine the value of deep stacked poultry litter when used as a supplement to good quality hay. Seventysix 562 lb stocker steers and heifers wereExpand
Eat more corn, oats and rye products-- ... : eat less wheat, meat, sugar and fats, to save for the Army and our allies.
Color poster depicts a variety of foods on a table: a whole fish on a plate, a bowl of fruit, vegetables, a basket of corn, poultry, and a loaf of bread. The table is brown and the poster backgroundExpand