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Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Theories
Abstract Yang-Mills theories with simple supersymmetry are constructed in 2, 4, 6, and 10 dimensions, and it is argued that these are essentially the only cases possible. The method of dimensionalExpand
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N=4 Yang-Mills and N=8 Supergravity as Limits of String Theories
The formulation of supersymmetric string theories in ten dimensions is generalized to incorporate compactified dimensions. Expressions for the one-loop four-particle S -matrix elements of N = 4Expand
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N=4 Yang-Mills Theory on the Light Cone
Abstract The 10-dimensional supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory is constructed in the light-cone gauge. When the theory is dimensionally reduced to four dimensions it is shown that the corresponding N =Expand
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Principles of string theory
I. Lectures on Superstrings.- 1. Introduction.- 2. Bosonic Strings.- 3. Spinning Strings.- 4. Superstrings.- 5. The Heterotic String.- 6. The Operator Formalism.- 7. Field Theory for FreeExpand
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Superfield Theory of Type (ii) Superstrings
Abstract Type (II) superstrings are described by light-cone superfields that are functionals of string superspace coordinates x i ( σ ) and ϑ a ( σ ) or the conjugate momenta p i ( σ ) and λ a ( σ ).Expand
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The $N=8$ Supergravity in Superspace
Abstract The N =8 supergravity is presented in superspace. The theory is on-shell and has the expected local SU(8) and global E 7 invariances.
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The Tradeoff between Expected Return and Risk Among Cornbelt Farmers
The inclusion of risk in farm-planning models has been the subject of many theoretical discussions, often with the conclusion that explicit risk consideration features are desirable. OperationalExpand
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A Lagrangian formulation of the classical and quantum dynamics of spinning particles
Abstract A spinning particle is described in terms of its position φ μ ( τ ) and of an additional spin degree of freedom ψ μ ( τ ) which is an odd element of a Grassmann algebra. Its motion isExpand
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The ultra-violet finiteness of the N=4 Yang-Mills theory☆
Abstract The N =4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills gauge theory was formulated by us in a previous paper in the light-cone gauge. It is described by a scalar complex superfield whose components are theExpand
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Eleven-dimensional supergravity on the mass shell in superspace
Abstract The eleven-dimensional supergravity theory is presented in superspace on the mass shell.
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