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When Black + Lesbian + Woman ≠ Black Lesbian Woman: The Methodological Challenges of Qualitative and Quantitative Intersectionality Research
The notion that social identities and social inequality based on ethnicity, sexual orientation, and sex/gender are intersectional rather than additive poses a variety of thorny methodologicalExpand
The problem with the phrase women and minorities: intersectionality-an important theoretical framework for public health.
  • L. Bowleg
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • American journal of public health
  • 7 June 2012
The history and central tenets of intersectionalities are described, some theoretical and methodological challenges are addressed, and the benefits of intersectionality for public health theory, research, and policy are highlighted. Expand
“Once You’ve Blended the Cake, You Can’t Take the Parts Back to the Main Ingredients”: Black Gay and Bisexual Men’s Descriptions and Experiences of Intersectionality
Although Black gay and bisexual men have written eloquently about the intersections of race, gender, and sexual identity in anthologies such as Brother to Brother and In the Life, empirical studiesExpand
Triple Jeopardy and Beyond: Multiple Minority Stress and Resilience Among Black Lesbians
Study findings provide empirical support for the “triple jeopardy” experience of Black lesbians, as well as the six predictors of resilience in Kumpfer's (1999) transactional model of resilience. Expand
Love, Sex, and Masculinity in Sociocultural Context
African American men in heterosexual relationships are virtually invisible in the theoretical and empirical psychological HIV/AIDS literature. This article posits that two theoreticalExpand
“The Ball was Always in His Court”: An Exploratory Analysis of Relationship Scripts, Sexual Scripts, and Condom Use among African American Women
This qualitative study explored the association between African American women's interpersonal relationship and sexual scripts and condom use with primary partners. Participants were 14 lower toExpand
‘What does it take to be a man? What is a real man?’: ideologies of masculinity and HIV sexual risk among Black heterosexual men
This exploratory study addressed the gap between traditional ideologies of masculinity and sexual risk among multi-ethnic male adolescents and White male college students through six focus groups with 41 Black, low- to middle-income heterosexual men in Philadelphia, PA. Expand
The Future of Mixed Methods: A Five Year Projection to 2020
The field of mixed methods (MM) research has expanded over the last few decades with a plethora of publications, the launch of the Journal of Mixed Methods Research (JMMR), and the establishment ofExpand
Gender Roles, Power Strategies, and Precautionary Sexual Self-Efficacy: Implications for Black and Latina Women's HIV/AIDS Protective Behaviors
This cross-sectional study tested a conceptual model of women's HIV/AIDS protective behaviors using gender roles, relationship power strategies, and precautionary sexual self-efficacy as predictorsExpand
Invited Reflection
Intersectionality has traveled far from its historical moorings in the reflections of Black feminists such as Sojourner Truth (1851) and the Combahee River Collective (1977). It has journeyed throughExpand