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Use of unicompartmental instead of tricompartmental prostheses for unicompartmental arthrosis in the knee is a cost-effective alternative. 15,437 primary tricompartmental prostheses were compared
Unicompartmental knee arthroplasty (UKA) is known to have a higher risk of revision than tricompartmental arthroplasty (TKA), while UKA implants are generally less expensive than TKA implants. WeExpand
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Health-state utilities in a general population in relation to age, gender and socioeconomic factors
Background: This study examined health-related quality of life in a general population in relation to different socioeconomic variables. Method: The study was cross-sectional and was conducted inExpand
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How to assess frailty and the need for care? Report from the Study of Health and Drugs in the Elderly (SHADES) in community dwellings in Sweden.
Knowledge about the need for care of elderly individuals in community dwellings and the factors affecting their needs and support is limited. The aim of this study was to characterize the frailty ofExpand
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Is general practice effective? A systematic literature review.
OBJECTIVE To find evidence of the effectiveness of physicians working in primary care. DESIGN Systematic literature search in the Medline and Cochrane databases. MATERIAL Out of 7223 titles foundExpand
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Use of rules of thumb in the consultation in general practice--an act of balance between the individual and the general perspective.
BACKGROUND Rules of thumb used by GPs could be considered as empirical evidence of intuition and a link between science and practice in general practice. OBJECTIVE The purpose of the present studyExpand
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Asking for 'rules of thumb': a way to discover tacit knowledge in general practice.
BACKGROUND Research in decision-making has identified heuristics (rules of thumb) as shortcuts to simplify search and choice. OBJECTIVE To find out if GPs recognize the use of rules of thumb and ifExpand
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Social status påverkar kostnader för läkemedel och vård : Vårdval bör ta hänsyn till socioekonomiska faktorer, visar registerstudie
Social status paverkar kostnader for lakemedel och vard : Vardval bor ta hansyn till socioekonomiska faktorer, visar registerstudie
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