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Superconducting LaRu2P2 and other alkaline earth and rare earth metal ruthenium and osmium phosphides and arsenides with ThCr2Si2 structure
Abstract The ThCr2Si2-type compounds MRu2P2 (M = Ca, Sr, Ba, Y, La, Ce, Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Yb), MOs2P2 (M = Sr, Ba, Eu), and MRu2As2 (M = Ca, Sr, Ba, La, Eu) were prepared byExpand
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Preparation and crystal structure of superconducting Y2FeC4 and isotypic lanthanoid iron carbides
The new compounds R/sub 2/FeC/sub 4/ (R = Y, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Yb, Lu) were prepared by arc melting of the elemental components. They are formed by a peritectic reaction of the carbides RC/sub 2/Expand
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Rare earth and uranium transition metal pnictides with LaFe4P12 structure
Abstract The new compounds NdFe 4 Sb 12 , SmFe 4 Sb 12 , EuFe 4 Sb 12 and SmRu 4 Sb 12 were prepared by reaction of the binary lanthanoid antimonides LnSb or EuSb 2 respectively, with the transitionExpand
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Preparation and crystal structure of the actinoid ruthenium phosphides ThRu2P2 and URu2P2
Abstract The new compounds ThRu 2 P 2 and URu 2 P 2 were prepared by the reaction between the powders of elemental thorium with RuP and a uranium-ruthenium alloy with elemental phosphorus,Expand
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Alkaline earth transition metal antimonides AT4Sb12 (A = Ca, Sr, Ba; T = Fe, Ru, Os) with LaFe4P12-structure
The title compounds were prepared by reaction of CaSb2, SrSb2, or BaSb3 with the transition metals and antimony in sealed silica tubes. They crystallize with the cubic LaFe4P12-structure, which wasExpand
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