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Salafism in Yemen: Transnationalism and Religious Identity
This book is the result of extensive research and field work carried out by the author in Yemen and Saudi Arabia. It offers an original approach to Salafism taking into account the internal dynamicsExpand
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Varieties of islamism in Yemen: the logic of integration under pressure
One of the most remarkable features of the contemporary Yemeni political formula has been its capacity to deal with the various Islamist ideal-types through integration and cooptation rather thanExpand
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Violence in Contemporary Yemen: State, Society and Salafis
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Introduction : le « Printemps arabe » et ses suites dans la péninsule Arabique
Dans la peninsule Arabique, les mobilisations de 2011 ont pris des formes variees et ont poursuivi des objectifs differents. Les mobilisations de masse au Yemen, a Oman et au Bahrein, contrastentExpand
L'invention de la contestation transnationale par les forums et sommets : la naissance d'un « espace public mondial » ?
Les manifestations de fevrier 2003 contre la guerre en Irak soulevent une interrogation : cette mobilisation mondiale marque-t-elle l’avenement d’un nouvel espace d’exercice de l’action publique, unExpand
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Katherine Hennessey, Shakespeare on the Arabian Peninsula. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018, 340 p.
For a political scientist, venturing into the seven chapters of Shakespeare on the Arabian Peninsula may at first be seen as quite an endeavor. To be honest, I had never even imagined the existenceExpand
Franck Mermier (ed.). Yémen : écrire la guerre. Paris : Classiques Garnier, 2018, 186 pages
Since 2015, many observers have repeatedly denounced global ignorance towards the war in Yemen, often labeling it the “world’s worst hidden conflict”. Yet, the general public and mass media inExpand