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Kometenschweife und solare Korpuskularstrahlung
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Solar corpuscular radiation and the interplanetary gas
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Ion flow at comet Halley
The three-dimensional positive ion analyser aboard the Giotto spacecraft has been used to study the interaction between protons and α-particles in the solar wind and positive ions from comet Halley.Expand
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Neuere Fortschritte der Theorie des inneren Aufbaues und der Entwicklung der Sterne
Seit dem Erscheinen des Berichts von B. Stromgren (69) sind wiederum wichtige Fortschritte in der Theorie des Sternaufbaues und der Sternentwicklung erreicht worden. Die Fortschritte, uber die imExpand
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Numerische Integrationen zur Theorie des Sternaufbaus
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Zur Temperatur der Sonnenkorona
In connection with the problem of the temperature of the solar corona the energy loss of the electrons due to free-free, free-bound, and bound-bound radiation is discussed and calculated. It is shownExpand
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A Halley multicolour camera
The Halley multicolour camera is a high-resolution imaging system on board Giotto. Expand
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Aphelion clustering of "new" comets: Star tracks through Oort's cloud.
An explanation is proposed for the observed and often discussed clustering of long-period comet aphelia on the sky. Poisson and several multinomial distributions are applied to the most conspicuousExpand
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