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The interaction of the solar wind with a comet
The flow of plasma on the sunward side of a comet is investigated by means of an axialsymmetric model based on hydrodynamics modified by source terms. The model assumes a given curvature of theExpand
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Cosmic Radiation and Cosmic Magnetic Fields. II. Origin of Cosmic Magnetic Fields
The equations governing the behavior of a wholly or partly ionized gas moving in the presence of a magnetic field are given. It is emphasized that the electric conductivity is independent of theExpand
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Ion flow at comet Halley
The three-dimensional positive ion analyser aboard the Giotto spacecraft has been used to study the interaction between protons and α-particles in the solar wind and positive ions from comet Halley.Expand
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On the origin of cometary nuclei in the presolar nebula
If we assume that the cometary nuclei originated by the gravitational instability of a dust layer, which formed in the equatorial plane of the outer parts of the presolar nebula (PSN) during a periodExpand
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A model of a comet coma with interstellar molecules in the nucleus
The coma of a comet is modeled assuming the icy nucleus contains interstellar molecules. This composition overcomes discrepancies between observation and earlier model predictions for CN, C2, C3, andExpand
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The smaller bodies of the Solar System
  • L. Biermann
  • Physics
  • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society…
  • 24 December 1981
Two kinds of smaller bodies in the Solar System, the minor planets and the comets, are of interest from the point of view of space exploration and of our System's origin; of these the comets are, forExpand
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A Halley multicolour camera
The Halley multicolour camera is a high-resolution imaging system on board Giotto. Expand
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Aphelion clustering of "new" comets: Star tracks through Oort's cloud.
An explanation is proposed for the observed and often discussed clustering of long-period comet aphelia on the sky. Poisson and several multinomial distributions are applied to the most conspicuousExpand
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Interstellare Magnetfelder
Abstract Bei der turbulenten Bewegung des interstellaren Gases werden sich Elektronen und Ionen schon wegen ihrer verschiedenen Massen nicht genau gleich bewegen. Hierdurch werden MagnetfeldlinienExpand
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Gaseous Atmospheres of Comets
A year ago the Orbiting Astronomical Observatory detected vast atmospheres of hydrogen around the two bright comets of 1970. In this article Professor Biermann describes some of the events leading upExpand
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