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Angular Momentum in Quantum Physics: Theory and Application
1. Introduction 2. The kinematics of rotations 3. Standard treatment of angular momentum in quantum mechanics 4. The theory of turns adapted from Hamilton 5. The Boson Calculus applied to the theory
The quantum group SUq(2) and a q-analogue of the boson operators
A new realisation of the quantum group SUq(2) is constructed by means of a q-analogue to the Jordan-Schwinger mapping, determining thereby both the complete representation structure and q-analogues
Quantum group symmetry and q-tensor algebras
Origins of quantum groups representations of unitary quantum groups tensor operators in quantum groups the dual algebra and the factor group rotation functions for SUq(2) quantum groups at roots of
The Racah-Wigner algebra in quantum theory
1. Introduction 2. Algebraic structures associated with Wigner and Racah operators 3. Null space properties and structure theorems for RW-Algebra 4. W-Algebra: an algebra of invariant operators 5.
The “Sommerfeld Puzzle” revisited and resolved
The exact agreement between the Sommerfeld and Dirac results for the energy levels of the relativistic hydrogen atom (the “Sommerfeld Puzzle”) is analyzed and explained.