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Angular momentum in quantum physics
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Quaternion Quantum Mechanics: Second Quantization and Gauge Fields
Abstract Recent work on algebraic chromodynamics has indicated the importance of a systematic study of quaternion structures in quantum mechanics. A quaternionic Hilbert module, a closed linearExpand
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Quantum theory of angular momentum
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Wigner Coefficients for the R4 Group and Some Applications
The local isomorphism of the R4 group to the group R3×R3 is utilized to obtain R4 Wigner coefficients for those representations in which the subgroup R3 is diagonal. The R4 Wigner coefficients soExpand
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A quantum-mechanical treatment of Szilard's engine: Implications for the entropy of information
We present a quantum-mechanical analysis of Szilard's famous single-molecule engine, showing that it is analogous to the double-slit experiment. We further show that the energy derived from theExpand
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