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Redescription of Gonatocerus atriclavus girault (Hymenoptera : Mymaridae), with notes on other egg parasitoids of sharpshooters (Homoptera : Cicadellidae : Proconiini) in northeastern Mexico
The mymarid wasp Gonatocerus atriclavus Girault, NEW STATUS, described originally from Trinidad as a variety of G. triguttatus Girault, is redescribed and illustrated based on specimens reared fromExpand
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New species of Cerambycidae from Panama, with new distribution records (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae).
Two new species of Cerambycidae, Tessaropa elizabeth Bezark, sp. nov. (subfamily Cerambycinae, tribe Methiini ) and Anelaphus cordiforme Tyson, sp. nov. (subfamily Cerambycinae, tribe Elaphidiini),Expand
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Establishment of the Ash Whitefly ParasitoidEncarsia inaron(Walker) and Its Economic Benefit to Ornamental Street Trees in California
The ash whitefly,Siphoninus phillyreae(Haliday) (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae), invaded and rapidly spread throughout California beginning sometime before August 18, 1988 when it was first detected. TheExpand
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Checklist of the Cerambycidae (Coleoptera) of Costa Rica
An updated checklist of the Cerambycidae of Costa Rica is presented. This new version includes 1,071 species and subspecies in 429 genera, 69 tribes, and six subfamilies. Of these, 181 are newExpand
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Silverleaf whitefly present in the San Joaquin Valley
The silverleaf whitefly (formerly “sweetpotato whitefly strain B,” see p. 7) has caused extensive damage in Southern California's Imperial, Coachella, and Palo Verde valleys. It is now present in theExpand
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Biological control of ash whitefly: a success in progress
Two natural enemies of ash whitefly (Siphoninus phillyreae), jntroduced into California in 1990, proved effective in Southern California field trials, completely controlling this Dest in releaseExpand
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Description of four new South American species of Desmiphorini (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae).
Four new Desmiphorini are described: Inermestoloides ecuadorensis from Ecuador; I. birai and I. drumonti from Brazil (Amazonas); and Estola orellana from Ecuador. Estola orellana sp. nov. is includedExpand
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New genera and species of Neotropical Rhinotragini (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Cerambycinae)
Giesberteclipta and Thomasella, two new genera of Rhinotragini Thomson, 1861 (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Cerambycinae), are described and illustrated. Six new species are also described andExpand
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