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Quantitative validation of voxel-wise statistical analyses of autoradiographic rat brain volumes: Application to unilateral visual stimulation
PET scanners devoted to in vivo functional study have recently been developed, but autoradiography remains the reference technique for assessing cerebral glucose metabolism (CMRGlu) in rodents.Expand
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Optimized diffusion-weighted spectroscopy for measuring brain glutamate apparent diffusion coefficient on a whole-body MR system.
A diffusion-weighted stimulated echo acquisition mode sequence was implemented in order to measure the glutamate apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) in the monkey brain on a whole-body 3 T system.Expand
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Arterial input function measurement without blood sampling using a beta-microprobe in rats.
UNLABELLED The evaluation of every new radiotracer involves pharmacokinetic studies on small animals to determine its biodistribution and local kinetics. To extract relevant biochemical information,Expand
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A comprehensive investigation of plasma and brain regional pharmacokinetics of imipramine and its metabolites during and after chronic administration in the rat.
The relationship between the serum imipramine concentration and its antidepressant effects remain undefined despite > 30 years of clinical investigation. No study to date has assessed the kineticExpand
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In vivo quantification of localized neuronal activation and inhibition in the rat brain using a dedicated high temporal-resolution β+-sensitive microprobe
Understanding brain disorders, the neural processes implicated in cognitive functions and their alterations in neurodegenerative pathologies, or testing new therapies for these diseases would benefitExpand
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Automated Three-Dimensional Analysis of Histological and Autoradiographic Rat Brain Sections: Application to an Activation Study
Besides the newly developed positron emission tomography scanners (microPET) dedicated to the in vivo functional study of small animals, autoradiography remains the reference technique widely usedExpand
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NMR measurement of brain oxidative metabolism in monkeys using 13C-labeled glucose without a 13C radiofrequency channel.
We detected glutamate C4 and C3 labeling in the monkey brain during an infusion of [U-13C6]glucose, using a simple 1H PRESS sequence without 13C editing or decoupling. Point-resolved spectroscopyExpand
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Synthesis of a fluorine-18-labelled derivative of 6-nitroquipazine, as a radioligand for the in vivo serotonin transporter imaging with PET.
Considerable efforts have been engaged in the design, synthesis and pharmacological characterization of radioligands for imaging the serotonin transporter, based on its implication in severalExpand
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Synthesis of a [2-pyridinyl-18F]-labelled fluoro derivative of (-)-cytisine as a candidate radioligand for brain nicotinic alpha4beta2 receptor imaging with PET.
In recent years, there has been considerable effort to design and synthesize radiotracers suitable for use in Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging of the alpha4beta2 neuronal nicotinicExpand
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