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Sensitivity and specificity of three methods of detecting adverse drug reactions.
The sensitivity and specificity of three methods of detecting adverse drug reactions (ADRs) were determined. Minimal use of a voluntary ADR reporting program prompted this investigation of three ADRExpand
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Visualization of Textual Data
How do we go about applying the multivariate techniques defined through the pedagogical examples in the preceding chapters to real-life situations? The information is so complex, and the possibleExpand
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Recent developments in the statistical processing of textual data
This article presents a series of language-independent procedures based upon applying multivariate techniques (such as correspondence analysis and clustering) to sets of generalized lexical profiles. Expand
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Cluster Analysis of Words and Texts
Clustering techniques constitute a second family of data analysis techniques in addition to principal axes methods. These methods are used for representing proximities among the elements of a lexicalExpand
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Characteristic Textual Units, Modal Responses and Modal Texts
The typologies and visualizations of the preceding chapter produce global panoramas of lexical tables that can be generated whether or not the data are aggregated, whether they are natural partitions of a body of work (chapters, works of one author, articles, discourses, etc.), or whether they result from artificial groupings. Expand
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Textual Discriminant Analysis
The statistical methods discussed in the previous chapters are applicable mainly in the exploratory phase (also known as the descriptive phase) of an analysis. Expand
The Units of Textual Statistics
Comparative stylometric analyses of texts written by different authors, typologies of individual responses to a single open question, information retrieval, etc. Expand
Textual Statistics Scope and Applications
The study of texts using statistical methods constitutes a field of interest known as textual statistics. Expand
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