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Simulation based fuzzy TOPSIS approach for group multi-criteria supplier selection problem
Supplier selection is nowadays one of the critical topics in supply chain management. This paper presents a new decision making approach for group multi-criteria supplier selection problem, whichExpand
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A simulation-based multi-objective genetic algorithm approach for networked enterprises optimization
Abstract Nowadays, in a hotly competitive environment, companies are continuously trying to provide products and/or services to customers faster, cheaper, and better than the competitors do. ManagersExpand
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Managing long supply chain networks: some emerging issues and challenges
Purpose – The emergence of new manufacturing technologies, spurred by intense competition, will lead to dramatically new products and processes. New management systems, organizational structures, andExpand
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A simulation optimization methodology for supplier selection problem
Strategic sourcing plays a critical role in supply chain planning. Supplier selection is one of the decisions that determine the long-term viability of a company. In this paper, a new simulationExpand
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Stochastic multi-objective production-distribution network design using simulation-based optimization
This paper addresses the design of production-distribution networks including both supply chain configuration and related operational decisions such as order splitting, transportation allocation andExpand
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A simulation-optimization approach using genetic search for supplier selection
We discussed a simulation-optimization approach using genetic algorithm to the supplier selection problem. The problem consists in selecting a portfolio of suppliers from a set of preselectedExpand
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Developing a reconfigurability index using multi-attribute utility theory
Reconfigurable manufacturing systems (RMSs) have been acknowledged as a promising means of providing manufacturing companies with the required production capacities and capabilities. This isExpand
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Supplier Selection Problem : Selection Criteria and Methods
The world is becoming more and more a global marketplace and the global environment is forcing companies to take almost everything into consideration at the same time. Increase flexibility is neededExpand
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A fuzzy TOPSIS based approach for e-sourcing
This study presents a methodology for solving the sealed bid, multi-attribute reverse auction problem of e-sourcing in which the sales item is defined by several attributes, the buyer is auctioneer,Expand
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An adapted NSGA-2 algorithm based dynamic process plan generation for a reconfigurable manufacturing system
With burgeoning global markets and increasing customer demand, it is imperative for companies to respond quickly and cost effectively to be present and to take the lead among the competitors.Expand
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