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APSIM - Evolution towards a new generation of agricultural systems simulation
Agricultural systems models worldwide are increasingly being used to explore options and solutions for the food security, climate change adaptation and mitigation and carbon trading problem domains.Expand
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A preliminary whole-farm economic analysis of perennial wheat in an Australian dryland farming system
The development of perennial wheat could have a number of advantages for improving the sustainability of Australian dryland agricultural systems. The profitability that might be expected fromExpand
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Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of the most frequently diagnosed psychiatric disorders in childhood and adolescence. It is associated with high levels of stigma, which may leadExpand
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Integrated crop–livestock systems in Australian agriculture: Trends, drivers and implications
Abstract Australia has a long history of mixed farming. This paper examines the integration of Australian cropping and livestock production from three perspectives: as a factor in land use change, aExpand
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Impacts of soil damage by grazing livestock on crop productivity
Abstract Soil damage by livestock on cropped land is a concern for mixed crop-livestock producers. The hypothesis that livestock-induced soil damage does not effect subsequent crop productivity wasExpand
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Dual-purpose use of winter wheat in western China: cutting time and nitrogen application effects on phenology, forage production, and grain yield
Abstract. Conventional rainfed mixed crop–livestock systems of western China lack high-quality forage and restrict livestock production. This study explored the forage potential from wheat and itsExpand
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Feed gaps in mixed-farming systems: insights from the Grain & Graze program
A central concern of the Grain & Graze research, development and extension program has been improving the management of the feedbase on mixed farms through addressing ‘feed gaps’ – times of yearExpand
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Optimising grain yield and grazing potential of crops across Australia’s high-rainfall zone: a simulation analysis. 1. Wheat
Abstract. Interest is growing in the potential to expand cropping into Australia’s high-rainfall zone (HRZ). Dual-purpose crops are suited to the longer growing seasons in these environments toExpand
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Diamonds as Development: Suffering for Opportunity in the Canadian North
  • L. Bell
  • Political Science
  • 20 June 2014
Despite the repeated collapse of mining towns and sites in the Great Slave Lake region, most residents embrace new resource projects as possibilities for creating viable futures. Situated at theExpand
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Relative growth rate, resource allocation and root morphology in the perennial legumes, Medicago sativa, Dorycnium rectum and D. hirsutum grown under controlled conditions
  • L. Bell
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  • 1 March 2005
Perennial pastures are needed in farming systems in southern Australia to combat environmental problems such as dryland salinity. The mediterranean climate in southern Australia imposes constraintsExpand
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