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Electronic and thermodynamic criteria for the occurrence of high entropy alloys in metallic systems
Abstract The occurrence of multicomponent solid solutions in multinary metallic systems, also called high-entropy alloys (HEAs), is classified and predicted by means of both electronic andExpand
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Undercooling of NiB and FeB alloys and their metastable phase diagrams
Abstract NiB and Fe Balloy have been undercooled in the cell of a high temperature differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) obtaining thermal data for their melting and solidification. PrimaryExpand
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A shape memory gold alloy processed by rapid solidification
Abstract In the ternary system Au–Cu–Al, the β phase has a displacive transformation which can be tailored for a shape memory effect. The sequence of allotropic transformations of the β phase as aExpand
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The viscosity of liquid metals and alloys
Abstract A large body of published data is presented on the viscosity of alloy liquids at compositions corresponding to elements, intermetallic compounds and eutectics. In all these cases, with theExpand
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Interfacial properties of immiscible Co–Cu alloys
Using electromagnetic levitation under microgravity conditions, the interfacial properties of an Cu75Co25 alloy have been investigated in the liquid phase. This alloy exhibits a metastable liquidExpand
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A comparison of Selective Laser Melting with bulk rapid solidification of AlSi10Mg alloy
Abstract In Selective Laser Melting (SLM) layers of atomized powder are spread sequentially on a building platform and melted locally by a laser beam. The melt pool is quenched by the underlyingExpand
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The liquid metastable miscibility gap in the Cu–Co–Fe system
Cu–Co–Fe alloys undercooled below a certain temperature display demixing of the liquid, followed by coagulation before dendritic solidification. In this article high temperature phase equilibria inExpand
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Solid state reactions in Al/Ni alternate foils induced by cold rolling and annealing
Al/Ni composites made of alternate foils having overall composition Al50Ni50 and Al66Ni34 were rolled up to 75 times folding them after every rolling pass to restore approximately the originalExpand
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Non-stoichiometric cementite by rapid solidification of cast iron
Abstract This paper deals with rapidly solidified binary Fe–C alloys containing 3.8 wt% and 4.3 wt% C. Their microstructure reveals that, as an effect of undercooling, the conventional eutectics haveExpand
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Thermophysical properties of the Ni-based superalloys CMSX-4, IN738LC, and MM247LC have been measured in the liquid and high-temperature solid phase. Properties included calorimetric, thermalExpand
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