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Changes in pasture and cow milk compositions during a summer transhumance in the western Italian Alps
The changes occurring in pasture and milk compositions during summer grazing were studied following a transhumance of a dairy cattle herd in the western Italian Alps. During three consecutive grazingExpand
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Environmental Sustainability of Alpine Livestock Farms
The 2006 FAO report concerning the environmental impact of the livestock sector has generated scientific debate, especially considering the context of global warming and the need to provide animalExpand
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Fatty acid profile of milk from goats fed diets with different levels of conserved and fresh forages
Aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of different proportions of hay and fresh grass in goats’ diet on milk fatty acid profile. Nine Camosciata goats were fed a fixed amount of concentrateExpand
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Fatty Acid Composition of the Seed Oils of Selected Vicia L. Taxa from Tunisia
Whole mature seeds of eight selected varieties, subspecies and accessions of three Vicia L. species grown in Tunisia were investigated for their fatty acid (FA) profile. The FA composition rangedExpand
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Use of Pisum sativum (L.) as alternative protein resource in diets for dairy sheep: Effects on milk yield, gross composition and fatty acid profile
Abstract Aim of the study was to evaluate the use of home-grown pea seeds as protein source in diets for lactating sheep. Two isonitrogenous and isoenergetic diets were fed to 12 mid-lactating DelleExpand
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Presence of synthetic antioxidants in organic and conventional milk
Abstract Samples of conventional ( n  = 11) and organic ( n  = 81) milk, both raw and heat-treated, were analysed for the presence of synthetic antioxidants (butylated hydroxytoluene, butylatedExpand
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Browsing ratio, species intake, and milk fatty acid composition of goats foraging on alpine open grassland and grazable forestland
Abstract Aims of this study were to investigate diet selection of dairy goats foraging on two alpine vegetation types and to assess the related effects on milk fatty acid (FA) composition. TwoExpand
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Milk yield and quality of Aosta cattle breeds in Alpine pasture
Riassunto Produttività e qualità del latte di razze bovine valdostane in alpeggio. Lo studio riferisce sulla produttività e qualità del latte di bovine di razza Pezzata Rossa, Pezzata Nera e CastanaExpand
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Comparing milk yield, chemical properties and somatic cell count from organic and conventional mountain farming systems
Abstract A study was undertaken to investigate the effects of farming systems (organic vs. conventional), diet (hay/concentrate vs. pasture) and their interaction on milk yield, gross composition andExpand
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