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The Social Market Foundation
The Social Market Foundation began its life as an attempt to define the David Owen Social Democratic Party. It defines its ideology as favouring the primacy of the market but understanding the soci...
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Major - A Political Life
First biography of John Major with full access to the PM,his family,colleagues, friends and civil servants with whom he has worked.
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Local Elections Handbook
Colin Rallings and Michael Thrasher Plymouth: Local Government Chronicle Elections Centre, 2004. 500pp., £75, pbk; ISBN 0 948858 37 0
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Do Turkeys vote for Christmas?: yes, when it comes to Liberal Democrat MPs and the boundary review for Westminster constituencies: Nick Clegg’s party will lose a fifth of all its MPs
One of the few areas where the Liberal Democrats have been able to gain policy concessions from the Conservatives has been in the area of constitutional reform, with electoral reform and changes toExpand
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Another hung parliament? The difference between a Labour or Conservative Government in 2015 may come down to a handful of Midlands’ votes
The Conservatives could lose 100 parliamentary seats if they ignore the rot in their vote share that is spreading across Northern cities and boroughs writes Lewis Baston. Another strong vote for UKIPExpand
Politico's Guide to the General Election 2005
In the run-up to an election which will define the nature of modern British politics, POLITICO?S GUIDE TO THE GENERAL ELECTION 2005 provides a mine of information for party leaders, candidates,Expand
Demographic trends and public spending into the 1990s
How should ‘political England’ be recognised?
In the newly published IPPR pamphlet The Dog That Finally Barked: England as an Emerging Political Community, Richard Wyn Jones and Guy Lodge demonstrate, to anyone’s satisfaction, that there is suchExpand
European perspectives on local government
The Conservative Party and devolved national identities: Scotland and Wales compared
This article focuses on the role of national identity in the behaviour and performance of the Scottish Conservative Party – the main voice of opposition to devolution in the 1990s. In particular, itExpand
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